All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Report From Practice: Not A Smile In The Crowd

Very somber on and off the ice today at the RecZone. Even the hyper kids who are usually running around screaming at the players for an autograph seemed sedated today.

Lavi and Coach Mac spent a good amount of time with Staal, Willy, Whit, Cole and Seidenberg doing 3 on 2's with Grahame in net. Crackers looked sharp, everyone else just seemed pissed off.

Brindy, Ladd, Carter were taking shots at the top of the net @ an empty goal.

Then Coach pulled them into the locker rooms for a closed-door team meeting.

They know what they have to do. All hope is not lost, stranger things have happened.

But they'll need a little help from the hockey gods...