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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You know you want some Frank Kaberle for your team

Recent trade rumor-mongering has alienated the Hurricanes' Frantisek Kaberle as the guy who is the "you're cool and all, but you stink" player and supposedly headed for either for Atlanta or the Florida Everblades (via the Arturs Irbe treatment). I would however like to offer a contrary opinion to the mass public on this fine, outstanding young gentleman. And this is totally not to advertise his services to the Atlanta Thrashers.

First of all, Mr. GM Don Waddell. Can I call you Donnie? Great. Donnie, let me just tell you how much Frank has impressed Caniac Nation over the past few seasons. Not only is he the sole reason that they won Lord Stanley's Mug, he also happens to be a former Atlanta Thrasher.

Secondly, his last name is Kaberle. He has a brother who is a superstar with the Toronto Maple Leafs and is almost nearly as good as Frantisek.

Third - his critics claim that he hasn't been the same since his reconstructive shoulder surgery in 2006 and that he is as useful defensively as a pylon. No way dude! He's played great every game. Even the 50 odd games that he was on the IR - breathtaking, inspiring hockey player.

Really, to put it simply: Frantisek Kaberle is all that is man. Don't believe me? Take a look at what he did when his inferior brother's team visited the home arena this past season:

Look, Donnie. Defenseman don't just fall from trees these days. They're mighty expensive too. For two large/per, you can have a Kaberle with all the offensive defenseman prowess that you'll ever need.

By the way, your suit looks sharp.