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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Dinner Jackets 4, Canes 1.

Thanks to the wonderful LOLCats for the inspiration.

A Character Guy Plays for the Everblades

The FL Everblades, the Hurricanes' 3rd tier farm team in the ECHL, has a fellow on their team named David Cornacchia. He recently made a complete ass of himself and I'm sure that it won't go unpunished.

C'mon dude, you're a hockey player in the ECHL that noone's ever heard of. Quit acting like yr shite don't stink.

A/V Delight: Heeeeere's Your Enforcer

With Bret (at least it wasn't my hip) Hedican going down with a knee injury last night in a win over the B's, the Hurricanes have called up the one and only Wade Brookbank from Albany. He and his brother are known for their willingness to scrap over their careers. But as Cason says in his post regarding the issue, we've already got guys who will drop the gloves in defense. I'd be more concerned with his plus/minus and the whole, you know, actually playing D part than worrying about having him punish other teams players. He was a -2 last year in Wilkes-Barre in 39 games with 116 penalty minutes (!) and 1 point. So he's not our missing offensive defenseman, that's for sure. I'm just hoping he racks up those PIM by fighting, not by committing stupid penalties.
Vs. Chris Neil

Vs. George Parros and his Porn-stache

Wadey gets KO'd by Boooooooooogard

I'd be on the lookout for this cat tonight in Columbus, as the two teams will be out to avenge one another after the pre-season melee that saw endless brawls.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blame It On Lohan!

Taking a page out of the Dallas Cowboys' celebrity distractions, this blogger is blaming last night's 4-2 loss to the Rangers on a beautiful deterrent in the crowd. Yeah, thats it! The Hurricanes lost because they were too busy oogling at the likes of this:

All jokes aside, despite the boys being outhustled, outhit and outscored - this was a great game to watch. Up until the 2nd half of the 3rd period, it was a close match featuring the "recognizable" names of each team scoring. Jagr scores two. Staal scores. Drury & Gomez show up on the sheet. Sean Avery pisses everyone off (surprise).

Also, a big +1 to Tripp Tracy with the quote of the year:
"Someone should stand up and just beat the crap out of Sean Avery."

Petey Friesen, the Canes head trainer, has had his work cut out for him here lately. Rosie, Avi & now even Matt Cullen are getting the flashlights to their eyeballs with concussions. It's a tough one to swallow, but it is just one game among several that are on tap for the Canes in the next few days.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Craig Adams high-stick to Alex Steen

2 games for this. No game suspension for the Leafs after trying to take out Erik Cole.


We stink, you almost ready to go?

Well, let's hang around for another minute.
(Stiller scores)
Awesome! We've got a chance. We're probably still doomed.
(Wizard scores)
AH!!!! Whaaaaaaat!?! YES!!
(OT - On the power play yet we haven't scored a PP marker since the Hartford days)
d00d - we've got to score here.
(Staal farts a shot towards the net, Walker tips in)
Awlriiiiite. Awesome. WE ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER!

The Kaberle family got to see both their sons play a decent game, with Frank getting a helper and Tomas getting an assist and a PP goal.

It was great to see the remaining crowd at the RBC all on their feet during the OT period.

Cory Stillman is a beast. BEAST!

Since this game wasn't televised locally, here's the YouTubeage

Monday, December 17, 2007

Canes get "Elfed"

Good chance you've already seen one of these:

But it was just too easy.

ElfYourself - featuring the Canes

What Makes It All Worthwhile

Wins are awesome. Effort is awesome.

I gave my 2 year-old nephew the Hurricanes jersey that I've wanted to give him since before he was even born over the weekend. He's rather shy, but he put it on (he'll have to grow into it of course) and I got a big hug and a "Go Canes!" out of him. Love it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just What Am I Paying For?

There are many other things I could be doing right now. In fact, I should probably be in bed getting some rest right now. But I have to get this out of my system. What am I paying for this season?
My frustration is not with losing. I can handle that. In fact, the vast majority of the Canes fanbase can handle that. What I can't handle is watching games where it is readily apparent that the team isn't even making a serious effort.
I have never felt entitled to wins. Rather, I feel that I pay my money for a few hours of entertainment. And I've gotten my money's worth watching quite a few entertaining losses. But I can't help but feel cheated when I pay money just to watch a team not even bother to show up. And that's what I have seen a bit too often lately out of my beloved Canes.
I'm not gonna call for a trade. I'm not gonna call for a firing. In fact, I know that there is little to nothing I can do as a fan that is going to make a bit of difference in how the team is playing (or rather not playing) right now. But I can and will vent my spleen a bit. It's my one and only right as a fan. It's the one personal right and privilege to which paying my ticket money entitles me.
Now I don't pretend to know what it is like to play in the NHL. Or in any other major professional sports league for that matter. So maybe it is a bit arrogant of me to bitch or complain about athletes who do. But I'm gonna say this: There is no excuse whatsoever for a professional athlete to "take the night off" or "mail it in". None. As a paying fan, I deserve nothing less than total effort. THAT is what I pay for. Not wins. Not goals. Not saves. Not highlight reel plays. I simply pay for effort.
The players on any sports team are the champions of their fans. These fans shell out thousands of dollars to their favorite teams in an effort to vicariously live out their personally unattainable fantasies of battle, victory, fame and glory. As a consequence, athletes are paid HUGE (relative to their fans) salaries to be our surrogate egos for a few hours on the field of battle. As fans, we allow ourselves to emotionally connect and "identify" with players that we will probably never even meet, in order to escape for a fleeting moment, from the everyday stresses and strains of our lives. And in return for that investment, we may not be entitled to a "win", but I do believe we are entitled to effort. If the players do not want to play for themselves or their own pride, then they should still play for their fans (and their vicarious pride) nonetheless...
All we ask as fans is that our players give us an honest effort. All we ask is that our heroes play the game with the same amount of heart that we believe we would bring, were we lucky enough to pull that jersey over our head and step out onto that ice. They say that some of our older players still talk reverently about the 5 minute standing ovation the Canes received as they were getting bounced from the playoffs in that final game in 2001. And in that long past ovation, the nature of the true Canes fan was revealed. The true Canes fan does not cheer solely for a specific result. He/she cheers for the effort that the players expend on our behalf. We cheer for our love of the game.
So were I able to address the Hurricanes, I would say this: We were called the "Loudest House in the NHL" long before this team ever won that big old cup. And that particular title could only have been bought and paid for through the hearts of great players; and not by all the silver in Lord Stanley's cup. Now, that house is beginning to fall silent. Don't let the echoes die. Just give us a sign and we'll raise that roof like only we can. The only thing we are waiting on is you...

What To Do With An Extra Half Hour Before The Game

Canes square off at home against the Sens with a rare 1/2 hour to kill - 7:30 start. We here at COI thoroughly enjoy a weeknight tailgate just as much as anybody does, but what are we to do with the extra time? Here's a few ideas.

  1. Drink a few more $1.50 beverages as opposed to $7.50.
  2. Grill your own burgers as opposed to buying the delicious $6 Hardee's Thickburger.
  3. Spend a few extra minutes doing your hair before leaving the house.
  4. Make sure your seat is nice and warm.
  5. Go to K-Mart and buy a $30 jersey instead of the $200 one at The Eye.
  6. See suggestion #1.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Looking At Leighton: Puppies & Babies, Oh My!

Great reads about Albany goaltender & Hurricanes prospect, Michael Leighton.

The fans make it possible for John Grahame to be paid that $1.6 million. If those same fans are clamoring for this guy to be called up to replace Crackers, why can't their wishes be heard? Granted, without an injury to Ward or Grahame, he would have to clear re-entry waivers - which wouldn't happen the way he's been playing. But just look at this guy!

How can you look at those puppy dog eyes and not feel sorry for him? Come on, Come on! He's been passed around the leagues like Anson Carter - one of these days - he'll hopefully be doing some solid goaltending for one lucky team.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Bag Skate For Monday, December 10th

Sweatin' To The Oldies: On Sunday, Hurricanes played Detroit (the two oldest teams by average age) a 1/2 hour after their previous MTL beatdown, end up losing a game, 5-2, that was more competitive than expected. They will sleep like babies today. (Canes Country)

Erik Cole is back on the scoresheets and he's baaaaaad. (Lord Stanley's Blog)

Must-read: Sherry of Scarlett Ice translates the recently struggling Senators play through the sock-puppet medium. (Scarlett Ice)

East Coast Eagles are now the junior affiliate of the NCSU Wolfpack Hockey team. (ACCHL)

Appalachian State ends a frustrating 2007 with a big win over NC State. (App State Mountaineers)

Charlotte Checkers have an in-house blogger now on their official site, and she ain't half-bad! (Charlotte Checkers)

The SPHL Champion Fayetteville Fireantz (with an intimidating website intro), are .500 at home but undefeated in regulation on the road. (Fayetteville Fireantz)

East Carolina Pirates have their media guide available for download. (ECU Ice Hockey)

The Acid Queen sounds off on her love of Detroit Red Wings fans. (Sweet Tea, Barbecue & Bodychecks)

Stephen A. Smith mouths off on blogs, makes us all stupider for having listened to him. (ThePensBlog)'s been following the undrafted rookie Hurricanes prospect, Jerome Samson, up in Albany. (

X-Hurricane Bates Battaglia waved by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Good luck, Bates. See you downtown. (CasonBlog)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Skin 'N Bones Ward Still Owns The Bell Centre

Cam Ward stood on his head making 35 of 36 saves during a 5-1 win in Montreal, where the Habs have laid a goose egg against him since pre-lockout. Tonight he comminced to stand on his head, his skates, his gloves, Alex Kovalev, Mark Streit, the glass, and then just for fun, he went and stood on David Tanabe.

A nice and lengthy prose write-up from Luke at LSB.
D-Lee (possibly the most old-school Caniac) reviews the game and issues his 3 stars.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Four Habs Fans & A Caniac

With the final regular season game against Montreal on Saturday, C.O.I. has
crossed streams joined forces with Four Habs Fans - Our NSFW friends to the North.. Enjoy!

Hey there! We are the fine yet perverted folks from Four Habs Fans. All you need to know about us is we seek to unite Montreal's two greatest institutions - Les habitants and strippers.

Thanks to wufpirate for proposing this little cross-posting experiment. We apologize in advance for any Hartford Whalers jokes. We really miss The Whale.

Why are you a Habs fan?

HabsFan10: Well, my father was a Habs fan, and his father, and I suppose if there was any way my grandfather's father was getting game results he would have been a Habs fan too. Born in the 70's, when the Habs played steamroller to the rest of the league's random bike left on the curb. Plus my Dad made it quite clear that any cheering for the Leafs would result in immediate banishment from the family. That's a pretty heavy thing to lay on a four-year old.

HF29: This post explains it.

What do you like / dislike about Carolina?

HF10: I dislike that they aren't still in Hartford. I miss the Whale. I dislike that terrible logo and the not so great uniforms, and I dislike Justin William's errant stick that nearly blinded Koivu. I dislike Erik Cole with a head full of steam bearing down on our goalie, Rod Brind'amour winning every faceoff, and Cam Ward standing on his head.

I like Carolina's crazy, loud, tailgating fans. I really like the Ice Girls. I like that your most famous season ticket holder is the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and I love the "Whooooooooo!!!!" after Canes goals (except against Montreal, of course). I like that your rink is sponsored by a Canadian Bank.

Favorite moment as a MTL fan?

HF10: So many to mention, but here's a unique one: I remember watching Lafleur's retirement ceremony with the "Guy" painters caps they handed out to the crowd. I would have killed for one of those beauties. It was before those types of things became the norm, so the whole thing was surreal ... but the Forum was rocking with "Guy! Guy! Guy!" chants coming down from the rafters through the cigarette smoke haze. Awesome.

HF29: Rioting in the streets.

Lowest moment as a MTL fan?

HF10: The Dark Ages of the 90's and early 2000's, when Savard, Houle, and Corey got rid of Hall of Fame talent in trades and whiffed on a decade's worth of picks, symbolized by the abominable decision to side with Mario Tremblay, a mediocre, hotheaded, confrontational buffoon/coach over the greatest goalie of his generation. The franchise is still suffering the effects.

HF29: Whatever the last loss is.

When I'm not following my team, I'm...

HF10: following my one-year old daughter's path of destruction through the house, hoping she doesn't swing her latest toy/weapon anywhere near the china cabinet or pull down the Christmas tree.

HF29: at a strip club. Duh.

My interview with them is now posted over there. Head over to their comment section for live-blog-ish trash talking!

Thanks, eh!


Congrats to Scottie Walker and Matt Cullen on their 700th career NHL game played!

Goalie Holmqvist Is Godzilla Stature Against Carolina (again)

Why is it that their goalie can be so fluky against everyone but Carolina?
Oh wait, we always lose to Tampa.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Overused Natural Cliche: Hurricanes vs. Lightning

Big test tonight for the Hurricanes at the St. Petey's Forum in TB.

Which team shows up? One that can't beat a bottom feeder Caps team or the one that stomps through Canada kicking ass/taking names?

To make things tougher for the Canes, some minor-leaguer named Mathieu Darche is on a 3-game goal streak. The former Dinner Jacket's farm-teamer has a career high in that span. He is -2 in two games played against Carolina (out of the 400th time the teams have met this season). He apparently is causing a stir with his on-ice antics prompting Sugar Ray Emery to take a shot at his leg the other night.

Puck drops at 7:30 tonight on FSN South. Prepare for pure adulation of Vinnie Lecavalier from Tripp Tracy.

Lets. Go. Canes.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Sit-ee-ashun In Goal This Weekend

Mer got me going on this over at Paperwhites In Season this morning.

An interesting dilemma here for the goal tandem this week:

Tampa Bay Thursday - we saw how well that went starting Crackers last time, plus as a former Bolt - they've got the book on him.

Montreal Les Habs Saturday - Cam Ward historically plays lights-out in the Bell (Molson!) Centre.

Winged Wheels (the best team on ice right now) the following day.

Cam Ward should get used to being #1 - and that includes the ability to win back-to-back games, regardless of the opponent.

Leighton is rounding in to good trade bait. Considering all that any other team would do with Mikey is trade him, why not? If it can bring in the elusive "puck-moving defenseman", let him roll.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Canes Play So Well, David Tanabe Scores A Goal

Canes At Rangers

Hurricanes interns are searching the NHL by-laws this morning to see if farm teams are allowed to play in place of the big boys. If the same squad shows up that got annihilated Saturday, the Albany River Rats would fare a much better chance tonight against the Blue Shirts.

First chance at seeing E. Staal vs. M. Staal tonight.

Tonight is Matt Cullen's chance to show NY something. Ditto for the rest of team.

If Ron Francis Came Back...

He could use his banner as a cape! (Lord knows the Canes could use him right now)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Face Time With the Washington Capitals Blogs

My favorite thing about that team is their quality blogs.

Congrats Guys!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sometimes The Windshield. Sometimes The Bug(s).

Buffalo 8, Hurricanes 1
A rested streaking Sabres crew awaited a tired struggling Hurricane bunch.
They made it rain on Johnny Grahame and a hapless Carolina.
They can have it. Sometimes this is going to happen. We've had our games of putting up football numbers on opposing goaltenders.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Captain Answers The Call

Booo Yaaahhh!

The 37-year young Brindy scores two goals with an assist from Caps goalie Olie Kolzig on his 2nd! Tonight was a little more like the Hurricanes of the October 2007 team. Even when the puck normally wouldn't go in -- it finds a way.

Al Ovechkin scores 2 of his own and played an all around great game. He nails one in the first blink of a Caps man advantage. Whether you're on the power play or not, if you leave AO wide open in front of the net, you deserve to be scored on. After his 2nd one, he jumped on the glass like he had just won the Stanley Cup, Hart Trophy, World Cup and Super Bowl. He hit the glass then proceeded to bust his ass on the ice.

Williams continued to stay -1 from career point #300. He'll get there here in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Last chance to see the Canes play at home for a hot minute. They'll hit the road with a fire under their butts.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

About The Mini-Slump & The Overcoming Of It

Fresh off of a Philly-style beat-down last night, Hurricanes players and coaches are chirping about their recent lack of scoring.

Not that they've been awful so far, and not that I would for a second doubt the laser shooting eyeballs War Chief, but if there are two people that can, should and will get the Canes back in the right direction -- it is Justin Williams & Captain Brind'amour.

In the forever juggling of lines in the past seasons - the pairing of these two is almost always a constant. One of Rod's sons comes up to hug his dad after winning the Stanley Cup. He was wearing a Justin Williams #24 jersey. Once these guys can get it chunking again the rest of the team will follow their example.

Lets. Go. Canes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Canes Fall On "Walk Around The RBC With Your Figurine Box" Night

OK look, the Hurricanes didn't get embarrassed tonight. They played alright but it was just one of those nights that the puck hits the net -- just not the one with goalposts around it (the big one that blocks your view and saves your dome-piece).

The 1st goal should have been blown dead before it got behind Ward-O.

The 2nd goal was completely Cam's fault. He thought he had it but he pooped out a rebound and got caught trying to play it while a Flyer had an open net on the other side.

3rd goal was a top-shelf beauty and a collective groan from the home crowd (which was a large one).

1/2 way through the 3rd, the Canes finally had a crisp-passing possession and Stiller capitalized with a goal that made it somewhat interesting, but to no avail.


During the 1st intermission, to coincide with "College Night", the Duke and East Carolina club hockey teams faced off in a shootout. This made my effin night. ECU won 2-1 on 4 shots.
"Hey! Hey! Hey! E.C.! You look so good to me! Hey! Hey! Hey! E.C. You look so good to me!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whomever Gets Traded Will Be Kicking Ass Somewhere Else

There have been a few trades that Jimmy Boy has made that didn't pan out too well and some that did. Going off of recent experience however, one has to think that if a player leaves Raleigh in a trade to another team they will start producing.

Exhibit A. Eric Belanger (see Buh-lawn-jay)
Playing 50-odd games with Carolina, he never seemed to quite find his role. He went through Coach Lavi's line-juggling carousel and could seldom find the back of the net, much less any kind of oh-fensive contribution. He gets traded to Nashville who trades him to Atlanta where he scores more goals in 24 games than he could all 56 in Carolina. Eric signs for the Minny Wild in the offseason and currently sits as one of their scoring leaders.

Exhibit B. Josef Vasicek (see dry erase marker)
Everyone has their opinion about the Czech Condor, but I saw him as a victim of the "new NHL" and preference of speed over physicality. Granted he was the team's scoring leader in the pre-lockout '03-'04 season, Big Joe and his non-existent checking skills were going nowhere fast in Raleigh. He signs a late summer deal with the NY Islanders -- BAM! 8 goals in 21 games. And with the Isles none-the-less!!! They can't score more than .5 of a goal per game!

Our best trade bait (not naming any names here but it rhymes with Handrew Glad) is sure to have a career year... as soon as the "untapped potential" is unleashed in somewhere other than Raleighwood.

Hurricanes History: 14 Combined Goals Against Flyers

Ah, how sweet Memory Lane can be.

You're My Boy Jimmy!

The longest tenured NHL General Manager (with one team) is still our very own, Jimmy Boy Rutherford. As quick as ownership groups are to put the blame on their GMs when their teams start sucking, you have to respect the fact that J.R. got the benefit of doubt when the Canes finished in last place the year before the lockout (and then was named "Businessperson of the Year" by Triangle Business Journal and won some Cup, or something). Something is bound to happen soon with a trade shake-up and whether in the long haul, the team wins or loses -- trust in JR to do what's right for Carolina.

That being said, will something please happen in Toronto with their coaching/management cluster-muck? I've seen and read enough about their shoddy season WAY too much this week.

All the hullabaloo simply makes this Caniac happy to have the stability of good management, top to bottom.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

They're Teaching The Kids To Fight In Albany

Leave It To The Shrimps

After a blistering October, the Hurricanes are finishing the month of November at .500. Canes fans have seen enough of the Jekyll and Hyde personalities that have tended to show up as of late. Either the team comes out scorching, beating good teams by 7 to 2 margins, or they come out and get pasted allowing goals early on and by multiple opponents' lines.

The bright spots of the season? Jeff "Green Eggs And" Hamilton and Chad "The Chuck Norris Of Hockey" LaRose. Stacked on each others shoulders, they could be as tall as Zdeno Chara's kneecaps. But their savvy and speed on the ice this season has been a welcome surprise to counter our inconsistent superstars.

For example, in games like last Friday's Thrashers game: Hurricanes are getting smashed by Atlanta and get shutout. Chad LaRose is all over the place, drawing every single power play that Carolina had the whole night.

Jeff Hamilton has to be the league's best off-season bargain signing considering that he has lived up to the hype and is on pace for career highs with this (sometimes) high-powered Carolina offense.

In one blogger's opinion, keeping these two little guys on the ice is vital to any continued success that the Canes will see this season.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Canes Will Try To Smoke Those Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving Caniacs! Peace & Hair Grease - catch up with you all on Sunday (maybe)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Roddy Brind'amour Is A Freak Of Nature

Thanks to the Pokecheck for the inspiration here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Full O Canes Prep Work

  • Beer? Check
  • Italian Sausages? Check
  • Giant Foam Hand? Check
  • Hurricanes Jersey? Check
  • Screaming Skills (Wooooo! Woo! Wooo!)? Check
  • Grill? Check
Watching Plenty of YouTube embeds to get me siked up?

(a video shot by yours truly, one of the only highlights from the TB stomping)


Radio Sends Blogger To Hurricanes Game

Mucho props going out to David Glenn & Chris Clark of 850 the Buzz for sending me out to the ATL game tonight in their seats.

Thrasher Roadkill

See you in Section 305 tonight!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tanabe On Ice = No Win For Canes

I'll let his numbers speak for themselves:

So Tanabe has been in the line-up for two wins this season, @ Montreal and at home over the Craps. The Canes haven't lost a lot of games this year, but it seems every time David is put into a "rover" role as an extra defenseman or forward, the result is the same. A big fat L. Not just an L, but an embarrassing L. No wonder nobody wanted to sign this punk in the offseason.

Well, That Sucked Didn't It?

Another blowout loss to Tampa Bay, yet another game against the Thrashers coming up. ATL, fair warning - you're in for a beatdown Friday night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

World's Worst Photoshopper On TB Lightning

Fresh off of the turd laying the Canes had for the Lightning last week, the boys get their chance at redemption with a game in Tampa tonight. Little Baby Poo Poo above is slightly worried seeing as the Bolts were a thorn in the Hurricanes' side all last year. Word is that Avi Tanabe will be out in the lineup tonight. Not a good sign. May he prove us all wrong.

I do believe the Canes will finally show up for a TBL game as even one local church is showing their support: