All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Thursday, November 29, 2007

About The Mini-Slump & The Overcoming Of It

Fresh off of a Philly-style beat-down last night, Hurricanes players and coaches are chirping about their recent lack of scoring.

Not that they've been awful so far, and not that I would for a second doubt the laser shooting eyeballs War Chief, but if there are two people that can, should and will get the Canes back in the right direction -- it is Justin Williams & Captain Brind'amour.

In the forever juggling of lines in the past seasons - the pairing of these two is almost always a constant. One of Rod's sons comes up to hug his dad after winning the Stanley Cup. He was wearing a Justin Williams #24 jersey. Once these guys can get it chunking again the rest of the team will follow their example.

Lets. Go. Canes.