All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Grandpa Stillman Shows No Mercy

  • Cory Stillman, scoring a natural hat trick in the 1st period against the Craps last night, made it look all too easy against a deflated Washington D. Let's just say that he "crashed" the 1st period for DC.
  • Oldie Olie The Goalie to his team, "Hey, uh, guys? Ya'll there? They might as well be shooting 5 pucks at the same time! Hello?" - as he was hung out to dry.
  • Chad LaRose got ROBBED in the 2nd period on a no-call, diving scoring attempt.
  • Brent Johnson made some naaaaasty saves in the 3rd despite allowing one from "It's Staal Good".
  • Frantastik Kaberle did not bring his "A-game" tonight as he let several point passes go witlessly adrift.
  • The Matt Bradley vs. Tim Gleason fight was over before it began, as Timmaay absolutely crushed Bradley behind the Carolina net on a check before the spat.
  • The David Tanabe penalty was garbage (as was his play for the most part last night). He was called for holding when in fact it appeared he was being held.
  • Cam Ward gets a rare shutout win that he deserves. He was tested with a couple of quality Craps scoring chances early on that could have changed the pace of this game dramatically if he let them through.
  • Hurricanes go from last weeks record against the Southeast Division of 0-2 to 2-2 during this all imporant stretch against these shitty rival teams.