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Friday, November 9, 2007

Canes Drop A Stinker

So everyone got a couple of days off after Monday night's big win over the Craps. With so much time off (relatively speaking for the middle of the season), what do you think everyone was up to this week?Canes were obviously out playing hockey with hangovers last night and dropped would could have been another skilled display against a tired team in a 5-1 loss to Tampa. It happens, and though I was at the game, I rewinded the DVR just a bit to hear John & Tripp's sharp point:

When you go out and lead the league in goals scored and play the attacking style that the Hurricanes have done so well this season, you're either gonna get them Sch-lacking somebody, or them getting Pwnt. Last night was the latter.


  • David Tanabe looked like one the Junior Hurricanes out there last night. Garbage! There had better be a GREAT reason why Seidenberg didn't play and Avi did.
  • Commodore wins the "most drunkedest" award for his play last night. Everyone was was sloppy, but he took the cake.
  • Holmqvist brought his shit-kickers with him. Spot-on goaltending with a few lucky bounces.
  • Every time there was a scoring chance for the Canes, be it a two-man breakaway or whatever, it seemed like there was double the amount of Lightning players defending.
  • Late in the game, the Lightning clearly had 6 players on the ice during a face-off. The refs weren't calling a damn thing all night, so this breezed right by them as well. Wouldn't have won the game regardless, but it helps to have a ref who's watching the same game we're watching.
  • I took some great pictures and videos (including the video of Ward robbing Leca-vul-Yay! on his penalty shot.) I will do my best to upload these this weekend.
  • In ATL Saturday night -- look out Trash, you're in for a beatdown.