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Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Hockey Players Do In The Offseason

Set Up Your TV Outdoors

It was a beautiful weekend almost everywhere, especially in Raleigh. However, NHL Playoff games are actually on network television and we certainly wouldn't want to miss the action.

You'll find the Wuf with the proper setup in the shade:

Missing from the shot is the cooler and wasp-spray.

The Detroit/Calgary series has been a very entertaining one. If I'm not mistaken, today's (Sunday) Game 6 featuring TBL/NJD is the first game of that series actually on local TV.

The awesome weather won't help the Nielsen ratings for hockey. But I must say it has been nice hearing John Forslund call games on Versus. Good for him, he deserves the recognition.

So get out, enjoy these temperatures before the 96 degree/100% humidity days arrive. But don't forget to tune in for some awesome playoff hockey!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who The Hell To Pull For? I Just May Hate Them All...

Hi all,

As all of our loyal readers (yes, both of them) know, the Wuf is prowling Jamaica, swilling Red Stripe while we are resigned to watching other teams navigate the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Thus, I find myself filling in, upon request. I'd hoped to cobble together some (hopefully) semi-humorous rant for this momentous occasion; but unfortunately, without a Canes playoff run, I seem to be in a creative funk.

And so it was, this weekend I found myself flipping between several playoff bouts on center ice, NHL and the Channel formerly known as OLN. The games were entertaining, but something was missing. It suddenly occurred to me that I had not picked a team to pull for and was thus lacking the requisite emotional attachment to truly enjoy these games. (Well, except for obviously pulling for the Islanders, bless their hearts...). So I got to thinking about it and I found that I was incapable of picking one team. I really wanted to pull for the Rangers because of the presence of Matt Cullen and Kevin Weekes. But it just didn't feel quite right to pull for Jaromir Jagr. Pittsburgh was a tantalizing choice because of Staal Jr. and Mark Recchi, but pulling for Brooks Orprick and Colby Armstrong just gives me the heebie-jeebies. The Islanders have enough of the underdog factor to interest me, but it is just a bit too weird watching Sean Hill actually stay out of the penalty box for me to be truly comfortable. I could probably pull for Ottawa; but given past history, I can't help but feel like that effort would be in vain. The Lightning have the advantage of being from the Southeast Division, but I just can't bring myself to pull for Martin St. Louis (the Baggins can't have my precious...). Atlanta is from the Southeast as well, but Bellanger and Koo Koo for Kovalchuk (thanks C-Leaguer...) irritate me more than St. Louis. I could pull for the Devils... oh who am I kidding, no hell I couldn't. And to be honest, as a true Caniac, I'd rather see my sister in a whorehouse than the Stanley Cup in Buffalo. So I find myself mentally drifting as to which way to go.

Increasingly, during the commercial breaks (when I am able to phase out the Geico and Herpes commercials), I swear I can hear the faint echoes of the spirit of Horace Greeley directing me: "Go west young man. Go west".

I hear San Jose is nice this time of year...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Charlotte Checkers Advance To 2nd Round Of Playoffs

The CLT boys beat the Augusta Lynx in another OT thriller 3 to 2.

Recap: Checkers 3, Lynx 2 (OT)

Moving on to the 2nd round, they will face the Florida Everblades (a member of the Carolina Hurricanes farm system!). Tix on sale now!

Go Checkers!

Playoffs In Jamaica

Mr. & Mrs. WufPirate are heading to Montego Bay for a much needed vacation tomorrow. In the midst of the NHL playoffs, I doubt that we'll see a whole lot of updates on TV.

Thankfully, there is hope:

Okay, so it's field hockey (how many ice rinks are in the West Indies?)

But it sounds competitive at least!

More info:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Charlotte Checkers: Carolina's Only Hope For Postseason Hardware

The Checks are in the playoffs and off to a solid start.

Checkers 2, Lynx 1 (OT)

Hockey fans in the greater Charlotte area, SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!

More Info on how to do this @:

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jack Johnson Is Already Making Friends in the NHL

Our former defenseman of the future got off to a rocky start in LA.

For the record: Jack Johnson's Dad is a whack-job.

Please Re-sign Scott Walker

One of the Hurricanes priorities in the offseason: New Deal for Scottie Walker.

Let's hope so anyway. He fit our team like a glove. A glove that gets tossed while preparing to crack skulls.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The C.O.I. Awards

When looking back on the Hurricanes short NHL season, the Canes played themselves out of playoff contention, however they did bring the Stanley Cup to Raleigh, NC of all places last year. We should all still be celebrating that fact.

On the optimistic side of things, here are the Carolina On Ice individual awards:

Hart Trophy (MVP): Ray Whitney.

-Leads the team in scoring at 82 points (32 goals, 50 assists)
-Mr. Clutch
-Has the fastest (natural) hat trick of the regular season in the NHL (1:40 in one period)
-"The Wizard" stayed healthy (for the most part) all year and always created scoring chances

Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy (player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey): Brent Falcon, ECU Pirates, Captain.

In two years of existence, the NY transfer has spear-headed the building of an unknown sport in Eastern North Carolina into a legitimate powerhouse of college hockey. See previous post "The Pirates Are Ready". Congrats to the Pirates, and we will be seeing them in the NCAA Frozen Four in a few years.

Selke Trophy (best defensive forward), Lady Byng Trophy (exemplifies sportsmanship and gentlemanliness (sp?)): Rod Brind'amour.

Things could have been REALLY bad early without our rock of a captain. "Rod the Bod" still wins over 60% of his faceoffs, had a solid (current) 80 points, and plays through almost any injury or illness.

Vezina trophy (Best Goaltender): Cam Ward.

It's not easy following up a rookie season that included Lord Stanley's Cup, The Playoff MVP, and marriage. Ward-O stepped in the #1 goaltender position this year with solid performances and highlight reel saves (30-20-6). Although he would like to have a few of the goals scored against back, the majority of nights he had his teammates to thank for those.

The Jack Adams Award (Best Coach): Hockey Parents

If you're a parent and you invest the time, energy, and financials in your kid playing a game they love; YOU are the best coach of them all. This wonderful sport will continue to embrace our communities with your support.

It's Official: No Playoffs For Carolina

Lost to the TB Lightning last night.

Players and fans alike - don't you feel like doing this?

Insert this season for the copy machine.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Belfour Swims The Butterfly

Eddie Belfour gave the game away in overtime with his "diving" imitation for the ref.

See clip below *UPDATED 4/4*


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hanging On For Dear Life

Hurricanes come from behind with the leadership of Brind'amour and heart of Chad LaRose to beat the Florida Panthers 4-3 in OT.

Cats jumped on the boys early, but with two late 3rd period goals and the Whitney ovetime winner the Canes prevailed.

As of 8:46 - We're 3 behind Toronto, who is 1 behind the Habs in the final playoff spot. 3 games left.

"So you're saying there's a chance..."