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Friday, December 7, 2007

Four Habs Fans & A Caniac

With the final regular season game against Montreal on Saturday, C.O.I. has
crossed streams joined forces with Four Habs Fans - Our NSFW friends to the North.. Enjoy!

Hey there! We are the fine yet perverted folks from Four Habs Fans. All you need to know about us is we seek to unite Montreal's two greatest institutions - Les habitants and strippers.

Thanks to wufpirate for proposing this little cross-posting experiment. We apologize in advance for any Hartford Whalers jokes. We really miss The Whale.

Why are you a Habs fan?

HabsFan10: Well, my father was a Habs fan, and his father, and I suppose if there was any way my grandfather's father was getting game results he would have been a Habs fan too. Born in the 70's, when the Habs played steamroller to the rest of the league's random bike left on the curb. Plus my Dad made it quite clear that any cheering for the Leafs would result in immediate banishment from the family. That's a pretty heavy thing to lay on a four-year old.

HF29: This post explains it.

What do you like / dislike about Carolina?

HF10: I dislike that they aren't still in Hartford. I miss the Whale. I dislike that terrible logo and the not so great uniforms, and I dislike Justin William's errant stick that nearly blinded Koivu. I dislike Erik Cole with a head full of steam bearing down on our goalie, Rod Brind'amour winning every faceoff, and Cam Ward standing on his head.

I like Carolina's crazy, loud, tailgating fans. I really like the Ice Girls. I like that your most famous season ticket holder is the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and I love the "Whooooooooo!!!!" after Canes goals (except against Montreal, of course). I like that your rink is sponsored by a Canadian Bank.

Favorite moment as a MTL fan?

HF10: So many to mention, but here's a unique one: I remember watching Lafleur's retirement ceremony with the "Guy" painters caps they handed out to the crowd. I would have killed for one of those beauties. It was before those types of things became the norm, so the whole thing was surreal ... but the Forum was rocking with "Guy! Guy! Guy!" chants coming down from the rafters through the cigarette smoke haze. Awesome.

HF29: Rioting in the streets.

Lowest moment as a MTL fan?

HF10: The Dark Ages of the 90's and early 2000's, when Savard, Houle, and Corey got rid of Hall of Fame talent in trades and whiffed on a decade's worth of picks, symbolized by the abominable decision to side with Mario Tremblay, a mediocre, hotheaded, confrontational buffoon/coach over the greatest goalie of his generation. The franchise is still suffering the effects.

HF29: Whatever the last loss is.

When I'm not following my team, I'm...

HF10: following my one-year old daughter's path of destruction through the house, hoping she doesn't swing her latest toy/weapon anywhere near the china cabinet or pull down the Christmas tree.

HF29: at a strip club. Duh.

My interview with them is now posted over there. Head over to their comment section for live-blog-ish trash talking!

Thanks, eh!