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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Game Summary: Canes at Panthers

What more is there to say? How can a player get boarded 6 feet away from the puck(and not even in on the play), and get called for diving? Or even worse, how can a player get TACKLED from BEHIND and get called for diving? Beats me, but apparently that's the rules. I hate to bitch about the refs in a game where the Canes lollygagged around and, in doing so, contributed to their own downfall. But seriously, that was the worst officiated period of NHL hockey that I have ever seen. And that, my friends, is saying something.

Now I am not one to go in for just any old conspiracy theory. In fact, other than believing that Elvis is alive, Bigfoot exists, Aliens killed Kennedy, and the Masons are poisoning the wells, I'm pretty much conspiracy intolerant. But this game tonight made me wonder. Surely a couple of sour grapes media articles couldn't sway the refs. That is just crazy talk. But then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Logical reasoning kicked in...

Q. Who is the Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the NHL?

A. That would be Colin Campbell.

Q. And what is his job?

A. To review the officials and direct them how to call the games.

Q. And who is Colin's son?

A. Well, that would be Gregory Campbell.

Q. And what does he do for a living?

A. He is an NHL player.

Q. And who does he play for?

[drumroll please...]


And there it is folks! The smoking gun. The cold, hard truth in black and white (with little orange stripes on its sleeves) . It's a conspiracy I tell you. Well, it's a shame that Colin wasn't on the Warren Commission. Because if he were, the aliens would've been exonerated and Kennedy would've been called for a dive...


Q&A With J-Willie

Justin Williams made an appearance Monday at the MacGregor Draft House for 99.9 The Fan's "Canes Corner". In what was maybe a 1/2 hour interview, he discussed being among the league leaders in points/assists and aspirations for the current season. Towards the end of the conversation, the DJs opened up the floor for questions from people at the bar. Being the go-getter that I am, I jumped right up with a on-the-spot query for Justin.

(ala The Chris Farley Show)

WP: "Hey Justin, how's it going"
JW: "Pretty good."
WP: "That's awesome. Dude, YOU ARE THE MAN!"
JW: "Thanks for the support."
WP: "So, you remember when Staal passed you the puck, you skated down and put it in the empty net against the Oilers and then you won the Stanley Cup?"
JW: "Yeah, I remember."
WP: "That was awesome."
JW: "Yeah, thanks."
WP: "Damnit! That was such a bad question."
JW: "No, you're doing fine, really."
WP: "Do you remember, you remember when Jimmy Boy traded to the Flyers for you?"
JW: "Sure do."
WP: "That was awesome!"
JW: "Yeah."

In reality, I did get to ask him one decent question, "Who do you and Brindy prefer to be paired with?" To which he wouldn't give a direct answer but basically said whoever has the hot hand and is playing well. However, when he mentioned that Chad LaRose had stepped up nicely this season, I replied, "CHAD LAROSE!!!!!!!"

Gratuitous Rosey Highlight:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Upcoming Ebay Auction Items: Official Chotchkes

Here it is folks! The Roddy Brind'amour figurine. I guess the Pint Glasses just weren't getting it done, so they went all "Franklin Mint" on us. Now I don't have a problem with the promotion, but you must admit that it doesn't look a thing like Roddy. In fact, the figurine actually looks like what would occur genetically if Ted Nolan boffed Sidney Crosby. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that is an improvement or not. The other three (3) players featured in the figurine series are Eric Staal, Ray Whitney, and Cam Ward.

However, in a C.O.I. exclusive, we can now reveal that before the Staal, Whitney and Ward figurines were chosen, there were several other Canes and former Canes figurines that were considered and rejected. These proofs were supposed to be destroyed; never to see the light of day. However, Wufpirate knows a dude who is friends with a guy who once dated the sister of a girl who worked for a guy who delivered mulch to a neighbor of Ron Francis' plumber. For the hefty sum of a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 (the blue kind) and a half used can of WD-40, we managed to procure a peek at these figurines. As a public service to our readership, we can now post exclusive pictures of the never-before-seen (and never-to-be-seen-again) rejected Canes figurines. They are:

The Cory Stillman Figurine:

The Pavel Brendl Figurine:

And the Jeff O'Neill Figurine:

Man, the lengths we go to for you people. But that's OK. There is nothing too good for our readers.
Both of you.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Daddy Canes Support A Montreal Beat-down

The Hurricanes players' fathers are in town for their annual Dad's Weekend where they all get hammered and shoot things travel with the team for a road game. Before they take off to NY Island territory for a Saturday night matchup, the Canes will take on the Montreal Canadiens for the 400th time this season.

GameDay Previews:
HabsInsideOut's Game Preview's

In other news, the Canes have sent goalie prospect Danny Manzato to the Charlotte Checkers. Although the Checks are a NY Rangers farm team, this is a good sign for future development. Wouldn't it be nice if all our juniors were playing only as far away as CLT? (glove-tap to Andy @ Hurricanes Insider)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Canes Rock The Tatonka

Kickass game last night at the RBC. Canes showed that 3rd period prowess that made them so successful 2 seasons ago.

Chad LaRose is on pace to quadruple his 06-07 points total. Canes are undefeated when Green Eggs & Hamilton scores a point. Bret Hedican is still alive. Rod Brind'amour is the team's leading scorer (huh?).
Game Highlights:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chad LaRose Will Eat Your Children

Rosie continues to roll through the opposition this season as evident in last night's 3-1 win over Vancouver. If there is one player who stood out among the rest, Chad is the man.

On a night with not a whole lot of quality chances and opportunities, Brind'amour sprung a beautiful cross-ice pass to LaRose on a breakaway that Canucks goalie, Roberto Luongo, had no chance to stop. That 3rd period goal was a momentum-breaker for a Vancouver team that had outshot the Canes in said period.

Other notes about last night:

  • Three, THREE! 2nd period fights (Craig Adams fights like your little sister)
  • Jeff Hamilton continues to impress & make GM Jimmy Boy look like a genius
  • Ryan Bayda looked like he was still on the flight from Albany
I'm giving props today to the upper level, particularly sections 321-325. On a Monday night game that showed a fairly sparse crowd, you Caniacs were loud as hell and cheered loud enough to get the lower level off their corporate behinds to do the same. Kudos. You and Chad LaRose should go to the Edwards Mill Bar & Grill and get yourselves some celebratory beverages. Tell the bartender that COI has the tab (if they act like they don't know what you're talking about, just keep ordering drinks...)

YouTubeage Highlights:

Commodore vs. Rypien Fight:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Canucks Confront Caniacs - Cool!

A rare opportunity to see a Northwest Division team tonight in Raleigh. Former Florida Panthers goalie, Roberto Luongo, is expected to get the start in net. Various scouting reports are saying he always played well in the RBC, however I remember him being rather suck-tastic back in his FLA days. (OK, so he wasn't that bad, it was the whole team).

Roll Canes, heres hoping that they continue to pwnt the Canadian teams.

GameDay Previews:

850 the Buzz's

Canes Country - Against All Odds

Friday, October 19, 2007

Canes Travel To Visit 'Ol Juicy Lips & Co.

Here's hoping:

That the Pens will lay turds on the ice for us again.
Some of you have asked, "Who the MF is this Juicy Lips you speak of Wuff?"
Sidney Crosby

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hockey Fights Cancer Night In Raleigh

If you can only make it to one Carolina Hurricanes game all season, make this be it.

On Monday October 22nd, the Canucks are in town to play the Canes. All month long, NHL players throughout the league have worn the pink "Hockey Fights Cancer" stickers on their helmets. You probably have seen the commercial showing current NHL players who have fought (and won!) cancer.

So come out in numbers, wear a little pink ribbon, and show your support for your favorite team and for the hope that one day this terrible disease will be history.

Wolfpack Revamps

Check out the shiny new website (link fixed) of the NCSU Wolfpack!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ECU is wiping the floor with their competition this year. The beat UNCW handily last weekend. They now turn to their most anticipated game of the season with NCSU coming into town Friday night as part of Rivalry Weekend in Greenville.

UNC lost two games in 3 tough days. 8-0 to Duke last Friday, and 8-2 vs. VT on Sunday.

Added to Carolinas Hockey Links -- Central Carolina Hockey

Sorry for lack of posts, but I still don't have a computer yet (see the whole "fire thing")

To keep you entertained and knowledgeable for the upcoming Pens game on Friday, check out:
The Pens Blog - very funny stuff!

Friday, October 12, 2007

World's Worst Photoshopper Continues

Caniac Nation doing the happy dance today

World's Worst Photoshopper On Les Habs

Carey Price made his NHL debut against Juicy Lips and the Pens the other night allowing only 1 goal. People have a serious boner over him right now in Quebec.

But guess what? Start him Saturday night?

And the Price Is Wrong Bitch!

Canes Continue To F-Up Eastern Canada

East of Here's take on the Ott-pwnt-a Sens game last night:

Chuck Norris done gone medieval on somebody's ass...

That was a good 2nd period and a good first 17 minutes of a third period. Not too shabby. And is it me or does Cullen look like an All-Star right now? Damn, he is everywhere doing everything. I also noticed a lot of "fancy" passing and puck movement. It didn't always work, but I swear it looks like the guys have that old confidence back when I see them doing that. It's almost like they expect to be that good, if you know what I mean. Last year, they looked timid and hesitant at times. This year, they are looking confident. If they can maintain that effort and confidence, they are going to be hard to beat most nights.

Wufpirate's Take:

We will make your fans boo and be quiet on the road (unless we're playing the Craps and we're tired). 12 goals in 2 games will be hard to contain no matter who they play. Boo-yah!

850 the Buzz's Take

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Upcoming Games

Canes & Sens -- can the Canes slow the Sens undefeated role?

Weekend of October 12th & 13th

Duke vs. UNC @ Triangle Sportsplex 10:15 -- Where's Dicky V when you need him?

NCSU @ Gulf Coast FLA - Quite a roadtrip for self-sufficient student athletes!

UNC-W @ ECU - Budding rivalry - can the Seahawks rally as underdogs? (double header, Fri & Sat)

It May Only Be 3 Games Deep But...

I'm loving watching the Trash live up to their expectations. Hossa is bitching about the ice (trade deadline acquisition?), they have scored a wholloping 4 goals and they're 0-3.

And the much hyped FLA Kitties are tanking at 0-3 as well with the same GF @ 4, GA @ 11.

Almost enough to make you feel sorry for them. OK, not really.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Canes Newslets

Peter Karmanos gave his fellow Detroiter, Kid Rock, a Stanley Cup ring. Oi vay!

MSNBC Sports has noticed the Hurricanes.

New Hurricanes blog, Hurricanes Insider, busy joining all the others together in a ring and looking sharp doing it.

Cam Ward Earns His Contract

So far this season anyways, WardO is proving that he is worth his multi-year, multi-million $$$ contract.

Will we see a rematch of Gerber Vs. Cam Thursday night in OTT-AH-Wa? Marty is proving that he will be of great trade value or just a #1 goalie wherever he may end up this year.

Touchdown Hurricanes!

And the extra point is good!

Ever have a significant other / grandparent / child who seemingly has no idea what sport you are watching but tries to act like they care? That worked last night, "yeah honey, they just scored a touchdown on the ice".

The Canes brought out the boo-birds early and had the suits in the suites for the majority of the 2nd & 3rd periods at the ACC by wholloping the Leafs 7-1. Better yet, they did it for all hockey fans who watch TV in both Canada & the USA - there were no other games even played last night!

Damnit, Chad LaRose deserved to get some points and goals last night. He got straight up robbed several times by Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala who actually made several brilliant saves while his teammates hung him out to dry. Anyone remember the last time we matched up against him? He got smoked in net for San Jose towards the end of last season.

Did anyone else hear the VS color commentator at the end of the game refer to the team as the "Whoricanes" ?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

College Updates

Wolfpack held off VT last weekend with a win in Blackburg, 5-4.

Just a reminder, ECU vs. Wilmington at Bladez on Ice this weekend (Fri & Sat night games)

Chuck Norris Chad LaRose Could Play On Williams-Brindamour Line

Canes in Toronto tonight to take on the Leafs. Their Captain, Mats Sundin, is one goal away from breaking the all time TML goal record and one point away from tying Sittler for all time points as well. OK, we gave Juicy Lips his 200th career point last season. We gave Oven-chicken his 200th on Friday in DC when we laid turds on the ice. Can we please get the shutout tonight or at least shutout Sundin?
It should be a tough battle tonight in the Air Canada Center. Will we see the Hurricanes team that dominated the Pens or the one that laid down and bent over for the Craps? According to the N&O today, Chad LaRose might be filling in on a line with Justin Williams & Roddy Brind'amour, offering him his time to shine.

  • Chad LaRose does not sleep. He waits.

  • Chad LaRose can slam a revolving door.

  • Chad LaRose's house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.

A gracious thanks to C-Leaguer for the Rosey nickname.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pirates Lay A Juicy 64 Shots On Goal In Charlotte Shootout

Via ECU Student Newspaper:
ECU club hockey team finds revenge, success at Charlotte Shootout - Sports

Via GT's Hockey site:

"The third game saw highs and lows for the Jackets. ECU was kept in check for most of the 1st period. After defenseman B.J. Stapleton left the game due to an injury last in period one, ECU scored to take a 1-0 lead after one. They scored
3 more goals in the 2nd period, but the defense re-grouped to keep the high
scoring ECU team in check in period three. Maxx Lucas faced 64 shots in the game
versus 21 for the Jackets."

In the end, GW ended up beating ECU. :(

Saturday, October 6, 2007

$9.99 Ticket Buyers Get The Shaft

Mad heads upset after this fiasco.

Canes Defeat 'Ol Juicy Lips, Turn Towards Shutting Down Russian Dudes

In the meantime, a few thousand of your closest friends are heading out to Durham for the World Beer Festival today. Happy Saturday.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Open Letter To Sidney Crosby

Sid the Kid & Staal Jr. in town tonight to take on the Canes.

"Dear Mr. Crosby,
We know you're badass and all. We've seen it. Seen the scoring a goal while standing on your head and baking an apple pie. We've seen your pink Reebok designs. We've YouTubed 'Sidney Crosby' and seen the numerous Canadian commercials where you are worshipped. Now that you're captain and all - would you mind laying down tonight and letting our boys win one? No? OK then, we'll just have to kick your asses then. My boy TIMAAAAY doesn't care about penalties, he'll just throw down. It'll be fun. Then, Jordan and Eric can go out and buy everyone drinks at Sullivan's tonight, K? Stick around, we'll all go to the World Beer Festival in Durham tomorrow - we'll send Trevor Letowski and some Albany River Rats to play the Caps Saturday, don't worry about it."

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ronnie Franchise To Be Next Assistant GM

And who better of a choice? When Jimmy Boy does decide to retire - who better to replace to him than the epitome of class himself? Link

Canes Drop Opener To Some Eh-Holes

Continuing on with my luck of attending Hurricanes games - they dropped last night's game to Montreal in overtime. What is it about my presence at the RBC Center that makes our favorite team want to lose? Out of the 15ish games I attended last year - the only Ws I witnessed were early on vs. the Thrash and late in the season vs. the Craps.

Erik Cole did look good last night, scoring the games first goal. Cam Ward was standing on his head, skates, ass, hands, you name it. He was spectacular. Staal looked like he is ready to play this season. Our D looked shaky all night. Gleason was like a pylon with skates all night. The cross-checking call on Wallin in OT was garbage.
Oh well, at least the beer was good.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's On Like MF Donkey Kong!!

Finally, a meaningful hockey game at the RBC Center. I'm so excited, I could poo myself. I guess I'll have to man-up and head to The Eye before the game to buy some kind of Canes gear, seeing as the fire destroyed my authentic "A" Brindy jersey. As far as the teams performance, my man Bubba sums it up well:

"On paper we should be better than Montreal, but the game is played on the
ice and you never know what will happen. Their Captain is Saku
Koivu, always a good player. Playing with him are Higgins and Ryder, both
are good. Alexei Kovalev is always very dangerous. Plekanec has been
red hot in this pre-season and had a hat-trick one game. The Canes just
need to play their game, puck pursuit, puck possession, and shoot more than
their opponent with traffic in front of the net. It's easier said than

The Canes should win tonight, and I predict they will. Montreal sucks, even their Captain thinks so.

And everyone head over to Red & Black Hockey today to wish David Lee a Happy Birthday!! And head to the game tonight and shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLEN!" to our resident geezer, Mr. Wesley.

Here is the YouTube embed for the highlights from the other nights Columbus brawl game.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Charlotte Shootout in Pineville This Weekend

From the App State website:

By App Hockey Press CHARLOTTE -- Southern hockey has seen it's fair share of
advancements in recent years, and when the number 3 Georgia Tech, 7 East
Carolina, 9 George Washington and 11 App State meet this weekend in the first
ever "Charlotte Shootout", our region will see one more. The
tournament is designed to bring teams from the southern region that
traditionally do not play each other together for one exciting weekend of
hockey. Teams will have merchandise available to purchase for
the fans and ticket prices are $10 for an all weekend pass to the 6 games to be
played. App State will have order forms for jersey's on hand,
they take approximately 3 weeks to have made and shipped. The
only team App State has played coming into the tournament is former BRHC
opponent East Carolina, who in the past two seasons App has a 1-3-1 record
against. The last being a 5-2 win in the BRHC conference
semifinals. The teams are hoping that the initial success of
the tournament will allow them to expand it to other teams in the future to
further the exposure of college hockey to hockey fans in the south who's options
are limited. The Schedule is as follows:
Fri, Oct 55:30 –
7:30pm#3 Georgia Tech vs. #11 Appalachian St10:15pm – 12:15am#8 East Carolina
vs. #9 George Washington
Sat, Oct 65:45 - 7:45pmGT vs. GW10:15pm – 12:15amApp
St vs. ECU
Sun, Oct 78:30 – 10:30amApp St vs GW10:45am – 12:45pmGT vs.

Watch out for the ECU vs. App match-up - this has become one heated rivalry over the years - with ASU knocking the highly favored Pirates out of the BRHC Tournament last year.

Opening Night In 1 Day:

How many points will Erik Cole get against Montreal tomorrow?

I'm gonna stick to the conservative side and go with 12.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Opening Night In 2 Days...

From the photochopping machine that is East of Here: