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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's On Like MF Donkey Kong!!

Finally, a meaningful hockey game at the RBC Center. I'm so excited, I could poo myself. I guess I'll have to man-up and head to The Eye before the game to buy some kind of Canes gear, seeing as the fire destroyed my authentic "A" Brindy jersey. As far as the teams performance, my man Bubba sums it up well:

"On paper we should be better than Montreal, but the game is played on the
ice and you never know what will happen. Their Captain is Saku
Koivu, always a good player. Playing with him are Higgins and Ryder, both
are good. Alexei Kovalev is always very dangerous. Plekanec has been
red hot in this pre-season and had a hat-trick one game. The Canes just
need to play their game, puck pursuit, puck possession, and shoot more than
their opponent with traffic in front of the net. It's easier said than

The Canes should win tonight, and I predict they will. Montreal sucks, even their Captain thinks so.

And everyone head over to Red & Black Hockey today to wish David Lee a Happy Birthday!! And head to the game tonight and shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLEN!" to our resident geezer, Mr. Wesley.

Here is the YouTube embed for the highlights from the other nights Columbus brawl game.