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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Q&A With J-Willie

Justin Williams made an appearance Monday at the MacGregor Draft House for 99.9 The Fan's "Canes Corner". In what was maybe a 1/2 hour interview, he discussed being among the league leaders in points/assists and aspirations for the current season. Towards the end of the conversation, the DJs opened up the floor for questions from people at the bar. Being the go-getter that I am, I jumped right up with a on-the-spot query for Justin.

(ala The Chris Farley Show)

WP: "Hey Justin, how's it going"
JW: "Pretty good."
WP: "That's awesome. Dude, YOU ARE THE MAN!"
JW: "Thanks for the support."
WP: "So, you remember when Staal passed you the puck, you skated down and put it in the empty net against the Oilers and then you won the Stanley Cup?"
JW: "Yeah, I remember."
WP: "That was awesome."
JW: "Yeah, thanks."
WP: "Damnit! That was such a bad question."
JW: "No, you're doing fine, really."
WP: "Do you remember, you remember when Jimmy Boy traded to the Flyers for you?"
JW: "Sure do."
WP: "That was awesome!"
JW: "Yeah."

In reality, I did get to ask him one decent question, "Who do you and Brindy prefer to be paired with?" To which he wouldn't give a direct answer but basically said whoever has the hot hand and is playing well. However, when he mentioned that Chad LaRose had stepped up nicely this season, I replied, "CHAD LAROSE!!!!!!!"

Gratuitous Rosey Highlight: