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Friday, October 12, 2007

Canes Continue To F-Up Eastern Canada

East of Here's take on the Ott-pwnt-a Sens game last night:

Chuck Norris done gone medieval on somebody's ass...

That was a good 2nd period and a good first 17 minutes of a third period. Not too shabby. And is it me or does Cullen look like an All-Star right now? Damn, he is everywhere doing everything. I also noticed a lot of "fancy" passing and puck movement. It didn't always work, but I swear it looks like the guys have that old confidence back when I see them doing that. It's almost like they expect to be that good, if you know what I mean. Last year, they looked timid and hesitant at times. This year, they are looking confident. If they can maintain that effort and confidence, they are going to be hard to beat most nights.

Wufpirate's Take:

We will make your fans boo and be quiet on the road (unless we're playing the Craps and we're tired). 12 goals in 2 games will be hard to contain no matter who they play. Boo-yah!

850 the Buzz's Take