All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lightning Light On Road Wins

Tampa Bay and their wolloping 0-7 road record arrive at the Giant ATM (more on this in a minute) tonight to take on the Canes. Considering their traveling woes this year, might they be better suited to send their mascot & ice girls?

Yes Please!

Now, the guys over at 850 the Buzz have been referring to the RBC Center as "the Giant ATM" here in the last couple of days. This works, as in calling the Capitals home (The Verizon Center) the giant phone booth. But the only problem I have with calling it an ATM is that most of the time - you're withdrawing money from those. At the RBC Center, all I do spend money there ($7.50 Brew-ha-has here we come!)