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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whomever Gets Traded Will Be Kicking Ass Somewhere Else

There have been a few trades that Jimmy Boy has made that didn't pan out too well and some that did. Going off of recent experience however, one has to think that if a player leaves Raleigh in a trade to another team they will start producing.

Exhibit A. Eric Belanger (see Buh-lawn-jay)
Playing 50-odd games with Carolina, he never seemed to quite find his role. He went through Coach Lavi's line-juggling carousel and could seldom find the back of the net, much less any kind of oh-fensive contribution. He gets traded to Nashville who trades him to Atlanta where he scores more goals in 24 games than he could all 56 in Carolina. Eric signs for the Minny Wild in the offseason and currently sits as one of their scoring leaders.

Exhibit B. Josef Vasicek (see dry erase marker)
Everyone has their opinion about the Czech Condor, but I saw him as a victim of the "new NHL" and preference of speed over physicality. Granted he was the team's scoring leader in the pre-lockout '03-'04 season, Big Joe and his non-existent checking skills were going nowhere fast in Raleigh. He signs a late summer deal with the NY Islanders -- BAM! 8 goals in 21 games. And with the Isles none-the-less!!! They can't score more than .5 of a goal per game!

Our best trade bait (not naming any names here but it rhymes with Handrew Glad) is sure to have a career year... as soon as the "untapped potential" is unleashed in somewhere other than Raleighwood.