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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rolling Blackouts & You act like you don't know

Any of you folks out there have insider's access to the new black 3rd Hurricanes jersey before it comes out?

There seems to be mixed opinions on them, but this guy can't wait to get his paws on one. I read on a newb's blog "Eye of the Storm Is Upon Us" that they are considering the Red Wings game in October as the first game to wear them. Call me pessimistic, but I'm not sure I want to associate getting creamed 6-2 by Detroit as the first appearance of the black uni's. If that ends up happening, maybe they should reconsider the design and go with CasonBlog's suggestion.

I'll bet East Of Here's shiny wooden nickel that the Hurricanes' marketing dept. will have "Blackout Nights" this coming season in conjunction with the darkness jerseys. It kind of makes sense I suppose -- most of us North Carolinians are used to their power going out during hurricanes / tropical storms. I'm sure that the team can come up with a cooler slogan for those nights than something like "Rock The Red". Cheese factor 84% loaded.

In regards to the old and/or clueless people surveyed that don't know / don't care about the Carolina Hurricanes, I can say this: Naturally the average person in North America doesn't usually associate the words "North Carolina" and "hockey" in the same sentence. But like Mr. Hurricanes Insider said so well, "Tradition to us is going to the Stanley Cup finals, on average, once every 4 years or so. That's tradition in this market."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.