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Friday, September 28, 2007

My Badass Quilting Mama

First off, let me state that this post is long overdue. Some of you may have noticed a slightly out of place link on the COI Daily Hits entitled "All Things Quilty". My mother and I both started our blogs around the same time (back in March). I wanted to post this before the NHL regular season started.

My Mom is one hell of a lady. She has been quilting since the late 1970's. She worked as a teacher in Wake County Public Schools for over 30 years (a large chunk of it teaching Learning Disabilities K-2, nonetheless). Now that she is retired - the majority of her time goes into her beautiful quilts and spending time with her grandbabies (my brothers kids! Wuff will remain childless for a few more years!).

Her posts vary from day-to-day between her quilting skills, latest techniques, nature photography, and reports on her grandbabies.

To highlight a few of my favorite posts she has done:

A Tribute To My Artistic Father (defenitly worth checking out - My Grandfather is a retired professional water-color artist)

Quilting Gardeners (yes, she's also got an extremely green thumb)

Love you Momma - Keep up the good work!

Stillman Still-The-Man: Canes 3, Jackets 0

Judging from the sounds of Chuck K calling the game on the radio last night - Cory Stillman has his groove back. He nailed a slapshot (complete with the ding off of the goalpost) from 50 feet out. All that I could immediately think of was his series clinching goal that flew over Cristobal Huet's shoulder in Game 6 of the 2006 playoffs.

(for lack of that clip being YouTube available - here is the man himself endorsing Wake County public school bonds - Yaaaaay!)

"Yeaaaah - I still got it!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

NY Rangers Wave Goodbye - Hutch on Waivers

The trade that sent Hutchinson and a prospect to the Rangers for Cullen is looking puurrrrrrty good right now. Was it a salary dump by NY? Sure. But we are not burdened with a "defenseman with a lot offensive potential". We've got the offense in place - we need defensive defenseman who can actually stay healthy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


While bloggers are on the subject of who needs to step up for the Hurricanes this year - IMHO, the man who the Canes need to see the most improvement from this season will be the one and only Tim Gleason.

Yes, Jack Johnson would have stayed at Michigan through his 4 years in order to keep from having to play in Raleigh. So, essentially, it was a good trade to send him to LA for Gleason and Be-lawn-jay. But considering how much potential the team gave up to get Tim - we really need to see him develop into the real-deal defenseman that he was so highly touted to be from his junior/minor league play.

What seems to have been already forgotten among Caniac Nation is the pairing of Gleason and Wallin that provided a rock of a defensive core for a few weeks. What happened there? Part of it was injury - but most of it was Gleasons inconsistency.

Sure, Tim looks like he is ready to kick your ass at any point (and he has/will) and having an enforcer around other than Scott Walker helps, but he's here to play D above all things. Look for him to re-paired with Nicky Wallin this year and sweet Jesus let's keep him healthy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Noah Babin: We've Got A Bill Shakespeare On Our Hands

Noah Babin - hockey player, Floridian, & writer extrodinaire.

Hockey In The Sunshine State by Noah Babin

Local Boys Fire Up This Weekend

This weekend at the SportsPlex in Hillsborough - App State is in town to take on the Tarheels and Blue Devils in a weekend double header.

Link: "House Of Blues" - ASU Site

Also - if you're East bound and down - load it up and truck it to Greenville for the Purple/Gold ECU Scrimmage or head down to the Dub to see UNC-Wilmington in their Teal/White Game.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lovers Not Fighters

Below you will see Cam Ward fighting new Canes acquisition Mikey Leighton from an AHL game during the lockout season.

(N&O Chris Seward)

What you probably didn't notice was Eric Staal in the background with a bloody brow. As both are somewhat newlyweds - they should obviously stick to the love side of things and leave the fighting to their teams' enforcers.

I Might Have To Buy A New Jersey After All

So do any of you remember a few weeks back when the new Canes jerseys were unveiled, I stated that I wouldn't buy one because my $300 old school Brindy jersey set me back enough?

Well, turns out I'll be needing a new one.

Out of all the things that we tried to salvage - this was the one I wanted to save the most. After numerous attempts - the smoke and soot stains just don't want to come out of the white fabric.

On the serious side of things - I am thrilled to be alive and well (same goes for all my neighbors and their pets). It is amazing the good that comes out of people when something like this happens. Whether it was our friends & families, co-workers, or even just random strangers - everyone stopped by to offer their helping hands. 'Tis nice to feel such love when looking over such a horrific site as your home and belongings covered in ash and soot.

Many have asked what they could do to help us. We have plenty of support between everyone who has been out to lend a hand. What you can do: Please consider the American Red Cross when you are doing your next charitable contribution. I can't say enough good things about the volunteers and their caring ways. They are paying for us to stay in a hotel until a new apartment is ready. They gave us money for clothes and food. They are paying for our 1st month rent in the new place.

To help yourselves: Buy renters insurance (if you rent, of course). That $15 per month has been an absolute lifesaver. Several of my unfortunate neighbors who lost everything did not have it. Because you never know what may happen.

The wife & I are ready to get back to a normal life. The ushering in of the new hockey season will help to take our minds off of the tragedy and tribulations of replacing things. I'll be back to blogging as often as possible once things have settled down a bit.

And again - Thanks to all of you out there for your kind words and good wishes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Carolina On Fire

Wuff family out of commission for a while. Thanks for all the well wishes and support!

Details from WTVD news

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quick Rundown

The Blue Ridge Hockey Conference website has a team preview for the UNC-W Seahawks up.

Clemson has this years new roster and schedule up.

The ACC Hockey League has a shiny new website.

Former Hurricanes' Coach Maurice is talking all kinds of smack.

Canes training camp started today.

Erik Cole can kick your ass.

The SPHL Presidents' Cup Champion Fayetteville Fireantz have their schedule out.

Catching A Buzz

Next week, Herr Wuff will be joining the Penalty Killer & Bubba of Canes Country at the 850 The Buzz studios to have a meeting of the minds on Canes blogging. I've been back and forth with Joe Ovies for a long time now about having a "blog-moot" but more recently - he made the call. We're not sure if it will be broadcast on the air yet - but it will most certainly be in a live streaming format through their Buzz blog (the best sports radio blog).

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Canes Takeover NHL Official Site

Glance over at today - it is a Caniac dream come true!

McGourty has an excellent preview of the Hurricanes' season up as well. Doing league and team previews is sooooooooo hot right now.

CLT Love

Canes bloggers, forums, and even official sites are back to regular season activity (almost). Rather than go through them all - just head over to Bubba's playground, Canes Country, for a complete rundown.

With all the hype over the new uniforms and logos from the Hurricanes - I've missed the Charlotte Checkers doing the same:

Also, info on the 1st annual "Charlotte Shootout" coming shortly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Pre-Game Clot

Been hearing ads on the radio for the new "Hurricane Plate" from Blinco's Sports Bar & Restaurant here in Raleigh. As much as I love that place, a collective cringe goes out when that commercial is played.

"Stop by Blinco's, only 3 miles from the RBC Center, on your way to the
game and pick up the Hurricane Plate: A 8oz. cheeseburger or 2 NY dogs served
over home fries, baked beans, and macaroni salad, then topped with a NY
style hot sauce $7.95"

Mmmmmm - nothing says "Let's Go Canes" like eating enough food to explode on your way to the game.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

WTF? A Whaler-Cane Uniform Concept

NHL Tournament of Logos recently had a crazy idea for the ever evolving uniform saga.

Retro Hockey In Raleigh: Paving The Way For Caniac Nation

We're taking you waay back today:

Good 'ol Dorton Arena! And just in case you missed it: co-contributor East Of Here muses on his favorite UPS delivery this time of year...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Its Alive! The College Kids Are Back!

Many of the NC/SC teams have remarkably been updating their websites with new rosters and schedules. Use the links provided under "Carolinas Hockey Links" over there -------> and see for yourself.

Pete from UNC-W (who along with the ECU guys, is the best at keeping in touch w/ C.O.I.) sent me this e-mail today:

"...some info on our coaching staff since I'm still working with our website guy to fix the link...

Head Coach- Camaron VandeVeer-

Played at NCAA d3 Lebanon Valley College for 4 years. Assistant head coach in 2007

Assistant Head Coach- Greg Kutchma-

Played at NCAA d3 Lebanon Valley College for 4 years, served as captain. Was an assistant coach with the UMASS-Boston NCAA D3 program for one year. Played professional hockey for Flint Generals for one year. Currently also the head coach of the Wilmington Ice Hawks junior program.

Assistant Head Coach- Brian Hapeman-

Played at Mercyhurst College for 4 years. Played ECHL for 2 years. 2nd year with UNCW

Assistant Coach- Craig Newkirk

Plays locally within adult league. registered EMT. level 2 ref. 3rd year with UNCW.

... we have some serious talent from junior programs in Raleigh and MD. Also got two very good guys from Mass."
I always enjoy hearing from the club hockey level! As far as I know, there are no other blogs out there who are dedicated to covering the Carolinas club hockey scene. CarolinaOnIce (at) is the address if you ever want any updates and free press.

Be on the look out in the coming months for some A/V delight from the local college clubs.

Santa Wears Brown: Christmas in September


Christmas in September.

This is how I usually think of the day each year when my season tickets are delivered. Sure, instead of Santa and his little red sleigh, this present is delivered by Randy in his big brown UPS truck. But I still get excited, somewhat like a kid, when I know my Hurricanes "Box-O-Swag" is on the way. Every year, I get a small surge of adrenaline when I see that shiny box sitting on my neighbor's porch (That Randy is kind of a dumbass when it comes to our street numbers). I just can't wait to open it up and savor each of the few measly trinkets our crack marketing staff thought to include with the tickets. [At this point, I know it sounds like I'm bitching. I also know that it's poor etiquette to bitch about free stuff. But I should point out (before the real bitching kicks in) that I DO appreciate the thought and the trinkets in question.]

This year was no different. I got home, parked my truck, walked across the street to retrieve my tickets from the Rodriguez's porch, then went inside to covet my newfound booty. Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was a couple of those clear plastic ticket sleeves with neck lanyard. Hot damn. Now I can finally get an order of nachos, a hot dog, and a $9.00 beer back to my seat without having to strike the Capt. Morgan pose, place the nachos on my head and the hotdog on my knee, then use my one free hand to retrieve my ticket from my back pocket (while hopping on one foot trying not to dislodge the nachos and the hotdog or slosh out $4.00 worth of the beer) and display it to the seating Nazi outside my section. That little clear bastard will come in handy! Fight the Power!

The next item was a "Season Ticket Holders" bumper sticker. Wheeeeeeeee! I've always wanted one of those. I REALLY want to make a joke about putting it on the back of the bandwagon, but I won't... I'm too sensitive a guy for that.

Finally, I opened up the tickets to see the ticket artwork. Last years were cool as hell. Staal, Cole, etc. You can't go wrong with nice glossy player pics. So needless to say, I am stoked. I slowly pull back the cover and what to my wondering eyes do appear? Not a player. Nope. Apparently, somebody decided that putting annoying pre-pubescent looking teenyboppers on the tickets would be a good idea. Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick! WTF? I was expecting action shots: Cam Ward making that incredible toe save in the closing minutes of game 7 to hold the lead for the cup - Brind'amour benchpressing Wally Tatomir between periods - Scott Walker biting the head off a live chicken - Mike Commodore giving Tripp Tracy a "swirlie" in the charter plane lavatory... You know---HOCKEY pictures. Instead, we get the King and Queen of the Wakefield Middle School Sadie Hawkins dance. SUNAMABICH! What were they thinking?
After seeing the tickets, it looks like I won't be needing that neck mounted ticket display case after all. I think the back pocket will work just fine again this year...

Informal Practice @ Camp Brind'amour

I spent my lunch break at the RecZone today watching the informal practices. My, how odd Bates Battaglia looks out there in full Leafs practice gear with the Canes! Apparently, his little brother is out there too. Ward-O, Crackers, and I'm thinking Leighton (was that him? ps - I think he'll be the next nickname contest...) were the 3 goaltenders taking turns in net. I arrived to see them in a 4-on-4 scrimmage type.

Yes, Hedican was skating quickly and looked on top of his game. But these sessions are for the most part non-contact. Fra-gee-lay. (two Christmas Story references in two days!)

Damn was it nice to see Matt Cullen out skating with the team. I plan on coming out as often as possible next week to the Rec to see them do the Camp Brindy sessions before they shift to the RBC for official practices.

The Wuff camera will be going with me next week. Hope to have some decent vids or photos to display.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Storm Squad Send-off

Long time Canes fly-girls cheerleaders Holly Wilver and Kristen Scates are retiring from the Storm Squad, according to the official site videos. Thanks for the encouragement, community contributions and for giving the fans something nice to look at when the games weren't so great to watch.

Holly sang the "Star Spangled Banner" before many of the Hurricanes games over her time in Raleigh.

What could possibly await a Storm Squad alum? Melissa ended up with a pretty cool gig... (can you come back? Please?!)

On Uniforms & Tradition

Luke DeCock, propietor of the Lord Stanley's Blog at the N&O is back from hockey nowhere land and posting up a storm. See his post regarding the official unveiling of the new uni's. (You'll have to for now, the official site's photo gallery has crashed! A few people trying to look apparently, you think?)

As JR is quoted saying he didn't want to mess with their tradition or original uniforms - I couldn't help but remember a post from a while back about football and successful teams having traditional uniforms.

See: StateFansNation: A View From The Cheapseats for a very insightful look at this theory.

New Unis Link Dumpage:
Red & Black Hockey (from my friend and yours, D-Lee, this is his original post about EA leaking the new threads)
CasonBlog: Silly Racing Stripes
CanesCountry: The Emperor's New Clothes (I wonder how long Bubba spends trying to come up with a song title relevant to his posts?)

Another Interesting Take On NHL & Bloggers

Melt Your Face Off: The Minnesota Wild Doesn't Care About Blogs

This dude has a set of cojones. Vawey Intewesting!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Note From Colorado:

My friends really weren't kidding when they said every establishment in Colorado has their own brewery. A few highlights:

the Brewski @ the Smokehouse in Nederland

The sampler at BJ's

The Coors Factory

Boulder Falls

I Know! We'll Have A Uniform Release! Yeah!

The Canes are joining the bandwagon of teams having their new RBK edge jerseys released this week. Jumping from the afore-mentioned debut at the Caniac Carnival & first pre-season game to having it's own press conference is a no-brainer.

Instead of getting one day worth of press - why not two?

Regardless of how the new unis look - you won't find me purchasing one anytime soon. They got my broke-ass when I bought my "authentic replica" Brind'amour jersey in 2004 for $200 or whatever it was. WP will keep it old skool (with the "A" and all).