All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Set Up Your TV Outdoors

It was a beautiful weekend almost everywhere, especially in Raleigh. However, NHL Playoff games are actually on network television and we certainly wouldn't want to miss the action.

You'll find the Wuf with the proper setup in the shade:

Missing from the shot is the cooler and wasp-spray.

The Detroit/Calgary series has been a very entertaining one. If I'm not mistaken, today's (Sunday) Game 6 featuring TBL/NJD is the first game of that series actually on local TV.

The awesome weather won't help the Nielsen ratings for hockey. But I must say it has been nice hearing John Forslund call games on Versus. Good for him, he deserves the recognition.

So get out, enjoy these temperatures before the 96 degree/100% humidity days arrive. But don't forget to tune in for some awesome playoff hockey!