All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meet Marshall Taylor

The following is a transcript of the COI e-mailed interview with a very special young man:

What's your name and when were you born?

My real name is Philip Marshall Taylor but I want to be called Marshall. My Dad’s name is Philip. My Mom says 2 Philip’s would be 1 to many. I was born on May 23rd, 1996 in Raleigh.

Explain what life is like living with kidney problems.

Life is not too different than for my friends. I do get a shot every night in my leg and another shot every 10 days in my arm. I take pills every day and sometimes I get sick in the morning and throw up. I go to the UNC Kidney Center every 2 or 3 months for tests and to be part of some kidney studies. But I go to school, play sports, go swimming, and do other stuff like everyone else.

After reading this, some folks might consider donating an extra kidney. What do they need to know about arranging that?

My Mom and Dad say everyone should volunteer to be an organ donor when they get their driver’s license. People should tell their doctor that they want to be an organ donor. If someone wants to be a living organ donor, they can find information at this web site:

Name three things that an aspiring goaltender should know.

  1. Being a hockey goalie is hard work but it is also a mental position. You have to keep your head in the game.
  2. You have to talk to and help the defense as they play in front of you.
  3. You have to stay positive even after someone scores on you.

What is your favorite moment as a Carolina Hurricanes fan?

Seeing Rod Brind’Amour hold the Stanley Cup up over his head when they beat Edmonton in game seven was the best.

Good answer! Who's your favorite College hockey team?

The Virginia Military Institute (Club Team)

Notre Dame (NCAA Team)

I wonder how you got started as a chili chef and winning prizes with your recipes.

I watch “Emeril” on TV a lot. When my church had a chili cook-off, I entered and won a prize. After that, I wanted to win more prizes, so I started cooking a lot with my Dad. He’s a good cook, too.

Has it been difficult trying to keep up with school homework and grades with all your medical treatments?

Yes, it’s tough but my Mom helps me with homework. She and I study together. She’s working on her Masters Degree from ECU.

Who is your favorite hockey player? It looks like you have met quite a few!

Cam Ward, Chad LaRose and Rod Brind’Amour are my 3 favorite players.

Favorite thing to do other than basketball and hockey?

Swimming and reading books are two things I like to do a lot. I like to listen to music on my IPod.

Marshall's website can be found here. A big THANK YOU to Marshall and his father for this interview.