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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How my buddy almost won the Hurricanes House Giveaway

Before the epic fail happened, we were all tailgating with excitement before the game not only for the chance at winning the Southeast, but also because our good friend and grill-master Bob was among the 100+ finalists to win the Hurricanes Home Giveaway. We felt good about his chances. I don't know what it was, we just somehow knew that luck would be on his side.

Prior to the puck drop that night, the team hosted a party for the finalists and gave them all tickets in the 3rd level for the game. During that party, they drew 10 names that would be bumped up to club level and would have a chance at winning the house during the 2nd intermission. We just knew it was his. His wife had even predicted that his name would be drawn 7th during the pre-game party.

Bob has a nice house as it is, so we just mentioned throwing a huge bash after he won then he'd sell it. We'd even invite the players and their families -- it would have been the party to end all parties.

But as the 10 final finalists walked up to their boxes on the ice, there were all white Canes jerseys in them with the winner having a red one in theirs. Sure enough, the woman standing right next to Bob ended up being the winner. What a bummer. I'm quite sure that Bob enjoyed seeing me and my friend ramp up the entire section 102 with chants of "BOB! BOB! BOB!" just before they all opened their boxes though. Valiant effort there, Bobby Boy.

(photo: Gregg Forwerck,