All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Use the 3rd jersey to make the playoffs, or something

I can remember working in a sub shop in college. Working as the part-time night manager, we always got the job done but if we knew that the store owner would be coming by, everyone would make sure the place was running good. Nobody wants to deal with an aggravated owner on their case.

So naturally, it's good to hear that Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos is coming down to keep a closer eye on his investment (eye, ha! you see what I did there?). Turns out business owners don't like it too much when they are losing money.

A third jersey has been rumored to be produced for Carolina for years, but according to multiple unofficial sources - it's finally going to happen this summer. I'll admit that its pretty slick and I'd probably buy one.

If every Caniac that already shells out a fraction of their household salary to support the team through season tickets buys one of the new jerseys - might that allow Pete to approach making a profit next year? Oh wait, they tried that this season with a league wide jersey re-design. (More about that in a future post on how I got a new-old jersey last year.)

Why doesn't the NHL adopt a "throwback game" at least once a year where ALL teams can wear their old school digs? Those powder blue Penguins jerseys with Malkin & Crosby have to be some of the best selling pieces of hockey merch. They cover the stands in the Mellon from what I've seen on media coverage of the Pens playoffs. (Playoffs. Pete, just make that the priority buddy... don't care what colors the team has to wear - just do it in Raleigh.)

Chris at 850 the Buzz is right, wouldn't it be neato to see the Canes skating around in the W for one night against an Atlanta Flames team?

This kid ^ looks like my brother's childhood pics, seriously.

Make it an old school night. Everyone goes retro.