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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hordichuk the Philanthroper that will also kick your

behind every athlete, there lies the potential to make something of them self outside their sporting arenas. Some choose to use that to their advantage, while others tend to lean towards jackassery. After further research on Darcy Hordichuk, he is obviously a character guy who is making the most of his opportunities in life.

I perused his awesomely nasty website, and read about his charitable donations that he does (did) during every Preds game. Similar to what Ward does with "Cam's Champs", but as an offensive player:

For every goal scored: $160

For each assist scored: $116

For each hit recorded: $16

For each standing ovation the crowd gives at home games: $16

Goes towards the Best Buddies program or to help fight Leukemia. And as he puts it "no one is going to mistake me for Mario Lemieux", so he alternated his teammates throughout different months of the season (for example, say the month of October -- every time Staal has a goal, assist or hit... as well).

It is certainly character guys like this that Jim Rutherford has always sought out in his players. Seeing as he's still relatively young (he'll be 28 by the time the season starts), he's a stand-up guy off & on the ice and that he will protect our team against the goons -- this is looking like a shrewd move by Jimmy Rutherford if he can in fact get him signed.