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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Patrick Eaves signs with Hurricanes, metrosexualilty here to stay

I wanna go to Hawaii YAAAAY!

Personally, I'm happy with the decision to keep Patrick Eaves in Raleigh. Although many still view him as a prospect, if he can stay healthy- he'll be one hell of a bargain 3rd line forward for the 1-1/2 Mil range.

I was trying to find the YouTubeage of him that Andy of H/I sent my way a few months ago... it was an interview that a Canadian station did with him while he was still in Ottawa. He displayed his collection of over a hundred pairs of shoes. We're talking some serious funk on his kicks. If any of you locals see him out and about the town this Fall, you'll see what I mean. We're talking Chuck Taylors with graffiti art all over them. Anyhoo, that video has since been taken off of the YouTube.
Careful where you might wear these out around here... some people might get the wrong idea Patty...