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Monday, January 19, 2009

Where Is the Luck?

Big Glove Tap to Dave for allowing me to contribute to this most Holy Grail - Carolina On Ice Blog. I will try to uphold the standards he and EOH have set so far. Although, he may live to regret the decision later!

Anyway, greetings to all COI readers. While I am a big hockey and Canes' fan, I am also an avid golfer, hence the handle I choose. I anxiously await your feedback and comments.

So, for my first post. Where is the Luck? Is is just me or does it seem that every other team we play gets all the breaks? I will digress and claim that the goal Willie scored a couple of games ago was pretty damn lucky as it tipped off his stick and bounced around 2 or 3 defensemen prior to finding the goal. But all in all, we usually get the short end. Or, is it a plain lack of skill? I doubt that though.

By this I mean:

  1. Lucky goals -the ones we all look at on the replay and say "how the hell did he do that?
  2. Break Aways - the other guys almost certainly score on an odd man rush, when have we?
  3. Open Nets - how many clear open shots have we missed?
  4. What else? I won't touch penalties. Everyone gets and/or misses their fair share
My intent here was not to cry, whine, moan, what have you, but I swear the hockey gods need to lighten up just a bit. It is obvious that we need some outside help to stop this losing slide! How about some MOJO for Mo and the Boys. Don't you agree they deserve it?