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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's The Use Of Worrying About Making the Playoffs?

Over on Canes Now N&O Blog, Chip is "reading between the lines to translate Rutherford's comments about trade rumors":

Myself, I predict no trades for most of the reasons pointed out in the blog entry. No one person is going to propel this team up the standings and selling off is probably not a possibility as there are not many options available.

Rutherford said:
"We have a team certainly capable of making the playoffs."
"We have as good a chance of making the playoffs as any of the teams we're fighting with."

I will agree with the first statement, but recent play has surely shown we can't fight the winners if we can't beat the losers.

If we did make the playoffs, what are the odds we would get very far? I say slim.
How much revenue will we generate for the few games we play? Not much.
How many STH'ers do we retain or gain new? That is the tough one. I am planning to renew.

So I ask, What is the use of worrying about it and all the speculation around trades and such. We have a team capable if they played to their potential but just when you think the corner is turned, another let down.

I have mentally prepared myself for another short season. Sadly, my beer glass is half empty.

On the plus side, maybe some of the guys will play golf with me!