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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Scottie Walker Might Test The Waters


On both sides of the Scott Walker deal:

If you're Jim Rutherford:

  • "Do we need to sign another late 30 something skater before we get too attached to him? He deserves a lot more cashflow than he's been getting and Nashville let him go because of chronic injuries."

If you're a Canes fan at the RBC 05-06 season:

  • "Dude, did you see that little guy just knock out a guy 3 feet taller than him?"
  • "Shit! I was out getting another $8 adult beverage! Always miss the action! Oh well, at least I was also in the beerline when that other SE Division team scored 3 goals on 6 shots against."

Dear Scottie Walker: We'd hate to see you go, but hope you sign with a Western Conference team if you must. (Nashville could use their A-captain back)

That can of WhupAss was well worth missing the following game with a "hand injury" for Mr. Walker. Not to mention, the Wiz scored the fastest natural hat trick of the NHL reggie season shortly after this beat-down.