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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thought We Might See Gerber In Action

So I'm at the rooftop Rudino's in N. Raleigh watching Sabres/Senators Game 2. I thought at around the 10:45 mark in the 1st period, that we might see the emergence of Marty Gerber (after two quick BuffaSlugs goals that were not Emery's fault). Talk about a salary goalie who is itching to get in and prove he's worth his signing bonus. Even though he faltered (supposed flu, lost 12 lbs. in 3 days or something) in the playoffs (leading to Cam Ward being kickass in the Pros) last year with the Hurricanes:

Martin Gerber Is A Badass

For he had a large share:

In being the reason the Canes hardly ever lost last season.

Was a highlight reel of saves most nights.

Unleashed an unforgettable performance in the '06 Olympics backstopping the underdog Suisse to an upset over Team Canada.

Video: European Feed of Swiss vs. Canada '06 Olympics as Gerber made save after save. Regardless of what your opinion was on this beauty (robbing Rick Nash), this was officially a save.

I thought of John Grahame a little tonight. When he's good, he's an amazing goaltender and he's ON. When he's bad, he can be terrible. But Karman-O pays Grahame Crackers the right price for what he does. Our future is invested behind the net with Mr. Conn Smythe. It had better be, that is, after his new contract with us this summer.


If you type in Carolina On Ice on the Google search bar now, I'm 4th on the link list. I used-ta-could-be not even listed! Yeah, the 1st is a cool company called Carolina Ice company. Check them out too if you feel the urge. I'm almost positive that you can purchase Ice Luge Blocks from Carolina Ice for (clears throat) Tailgate parties.


Anybody heard from CasonBlog? I think he's enjoying the offseason this year as much as the New Fathers / Lucky B's Around The Corner Bar Regulars / Golfers, excuse me. Hurricanes players are.