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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The 1 Year Anniversary Game 7 Viewing @ The Ale House Review: "100$ Says Carolina Wins"

We arrived just before 6 last night, thinking that we would be there in order to get a good table. Sure enough though, we arrived and the line is already out the door. We ended up getting a table in time for the festivities to start.

The picture is Wuf w/ wife and friends, friends' parents and a hog that had to be 135 degrees inside his costume.


  • "Shot the shit" with Ron the Ref.
  • Got to meet and shake hands with Cam Ward.
  • Got pics with Stormy and goofed around with him.
  • Got sorta drunk.
  • Had a good dinner.
  • Sweated. A lot.
  • Got to meet Bubba of (nice guy!)

I'll call the night a successful one. However, NOTE TO ALE HOUSE MANAGEMENT: Next time you throw an event that has a large enough crowd to violate fire code, you might consider doing it at multiple locations. There's only 10 or so Carolina Ale Houses throughout the Triangle.