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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Heating Up In Raleigh

To re-hash this past week in Caniacism, I'll let two excellent bloggers fill you in:

red and black hockey: Carolina gets a Sutter, (sort of) unveils new sweater

Bubba discusses the NHL draft weekend and hints at the Erik Cole trade rumors in his post, "Long Day"

Colesy has been a defining player, a top power forward and excellent member of the Hurricanes community in his time here. Although somewhat brittle, injury prone and tub-ridden in recent years, when he is on his "A-Game" he is hard to stop. (See "Damn I'm Glad..." post) How would you like to try and do what he does/did after breaking your neck only 15 months ago?

I'd certainly admit that it will be a sad day the Cole family has to leave NC. As the saying goes:

"For once, I'm glad I'm not the General Manager" (thanks C)

Though the Canes certainly need the sexy, big-named free agent pickup of a blue line stud this summer, at what cost will it be? Stalker Face Babchuk is returning to Kiev and JR hasn't thrown in the towel on Hutch & Seidenberg.

(above) that's odd, I don't remember ever seeing or running into Kid or Cuba Gooding Jr. other than in the Cup Finals. Damn Fairweathers!

If Erik must go, I hope our return is worth it. Stay tuned...

*Update*: Flyers, Canes talking trades