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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Did He Say, "Bring Out The Gimp" ?

First off, congratulations to the new Stanley Cup Champs.

Anaheim played solid all regular season and proved they had "Whatever It Takes" to win it all. A strong team effort provided them with their first Cup in their 14 year history and California's first NHL championship.

But what the hell is wrong with Gary Bettman? In what other sport does the commissioner come out with a dorky, rehearsed speech that sounds the same every year as the championship trophy is presented? Is it really necessary? Nobody wants to hear him. Captain Niedermayer was almost just as impatient with Bettman as Brind'amour was last year.

When the Commish was being introduced over the PA at the Pond last night, people started to boo. His response?

"It's OK, bring out the gimp"

What a loser! Does he have epilepsy? I believe he had 3 blinks per second during his speech. I'd rather have Alanis Morrissette out there presenting the Cup than that stumbling, bumbling fool!