All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Monday, May 7, 2007

How Convenient Is That?

In a matchup of two of the best teams at the World Championship of Hockey, Team USA & Team Canada played this afternoon in Russia. In a moment that ironically was similar to the Canes season, Erik Cole skated into another player awkardly, collapsing to the ice and leaving the game in writhing pain. At least it wasn't a Hurricanes player that injured him.


Soon-to-be Headlines for Carolina Hurricanes:

-In other news, Ray Whitney suffered what appears to be a tailbone injury while going down a waterslide. The Whitney family was on vacation in the Caribbean, and Ray came off the slide "kinda funny". No word on what kind of recovery lead time so far.

When contacted, the only comment from "The Wizard":

-Cory Stillman is listed as day-to-day after an alleged "drive-by sneezer" attacked the 2-time Cup champ in Cary yesterday. Mrs. Stillman, when contacted, said Cory is "in good hands" and making a recovery from bouts of measles, whooping cough and flu-like symptoms.

-Anton Babchuk unexpectedly was a no-show for a local charity event last weekend. It seems there were some thunderstorms that knocked his electricity out. "My Choco-Taco melted. It was in freezer. Don't deserve this. Won't go." (Anton muttered in rough Ukranian/English.)
Babchuk's agent, Jay Grossman, said, "Babs will show up. We just didn't feel that the Ronald McDonald house was the right place for him, and we have requested a trade for something else."