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Friday, September 21, 2007

I Might Have To Buy A New Jersey After All

So do any of you remember a few weeks back when the new Canes jerseys were unveiled, I stated that I wouldn't buy one because my $300 old school Brindy jersey set me back enough?

Well, turns out I'll be needing a new one.

Out of all the things that we tried to salvage - this was the one I wanted to save the most. After numerous attempts - the smoke and soot stains just don't want to come out of the white fabric.

On the serious side of things - I am thrilled to be alive and well (same goes for all my neighbors and their pets). It is amazing the good that comes out of people when something like this happens. Whether it was our friends & families, co-workers, or even just random strangers - everyone stopped by to offer their helping hands. 'Tis nice to feel such love when looking over such a horrific site as your home and belongings covered in ash and soot.

Many have asked what they could do to help us. We have plenty of support between everyone who has been out to lend a hand. What you can do: Please consider the American Red Cross when you are doing your next charitable contribution. I can't say enough good things about the volunteers and their caring ways. They are paying for us to stay in a hotel until a new apartment is ready. They gave us money for clothes and food. They are paying for our 1st month rent in the new place.

To help yourselves: Buy renters insurance (if you rent, of course). That $15 per month has been an absolute lifesaver. Several of my unfortunate neighbors who lost everything did not have it. Because you never know what may happen.

The wife & I are ready to get back to a normal life. The ushering in of the new hockey season will help to take our minds off of the tragedy and tribulations of replacing things. I'll be back to blogging as often as possible once things have settled down a bit.

And again - Thanks to all of you out there for your kind words and good wishes!