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Thursday, April 10, 2008

On both sides for Coach Lavi's job status

Well then, at least the GM of the Hurricanes isn't trying to blow smoke up your butts in this time of Caniac depression.

Today, management held a press conference and nobody had asked my boy Jimmy about Coach Laviolette. Nobody had asked that is, until your boy Joe Ovies at 850 the Buzz chirped in with your money quotes:

for Rutherford, “everyone in our business is under review.”

-- Damn right! Everyone within the organ-eye-zation in one way or another is responsible for what happened.

"and into other interesting side issues such as David Tanabe’s status."

-- Does anyone else find it astounding that he was gone most of the year with a concussion from a hit that no one ever saw happen? As much ambiguity as the team showed with Matt Cullen's concussion(s), why was a team veteran's status - liked by the fan base or not - not communicated with the Caniac fan base?

Here's the argument on even keel for whether or not to can Coach Laviolette, better than I could ever explain myself:

Dr. Frank Lives:
Peter Laviolette did not trade away Jack Johnson.
Peter Laviolette did not sign Geoff Hamilton.
Peter Laviolette did not injure Justin Williams, Rod Brind’Amour, Chad LaRose, David Tanabe, Matt Cullen and Frank Kaberle.
Peter Laviolette DID coach us to a Stanley Cup two years ago.
Ridiculous to even consider firing the guy.

& on the other side:


I too wondered why coach L. changed the chemistry of the team when it was playing it’s best hockey of the season. That said, was he to sit Whitney and Williams, two of our best players? If things had worked out, nobody would have any problems with that decision.

The fact that Petey will start the 3rd year of his 5 year deal next season might be a factor here, but I'm pretty sure he'll be riding the Stanley Cup winning coach grace period for at least a few months into next season. But either way, I do believe I'm on Dr. Frank's side here.