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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Sit-ee-ashun In Goal This Weekend

Mer got me going on this over at Paperwhites In Season this morning.

An interesting dilemma here for the goal tandem this week:

Tampa Bay Thursday - we saw how well that went starting Crackers last time, plus as a former Bolt - they've got the book on him.

Montreal Les Habs Saturday - Cam Ward historically plays lights-out in the Bell (Molson!) Centre.

Winged Wheels (the best team on ice right now) the following day.

Cam Ward should get used to being #1 - and that includes the ability to win back-to-back games, regardless of the opponent.

Leighton is rounding in to good trade bait. Considering all that any other team would do with Mikey is trade him, why not? If it can bring in the elusive "puck-moving defenseman", let him roll.