All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harbingers of Good Fortune

Now I don't want to jinx our season or anything, but for the superstitious, I've got something to think about. A good omen, if you will.

You see, this afternoon, I had to go to my "select-a-seat" event at the RBC. Now before I explain the significance of the afore-mentioned omen, allow me to give you the history. I am usually a harbinger of doom for professional sports franchises. It seems like whenever I take a liking to a team, that team envariably tanks. It's well documented. The Washington Generals used to send me a letter every year begging me to start pulling for the Harlem Globetrotters. I decided that the whole jinx thing was nonsense, so I actively supported the Generals in 1994/1995. Of course, we all know how that turned out: The Generals got sh*tcanned and now the Globetrotters play the New York Nationals. I gave up basketball after that. I then became an avid Duke football fan. You can probably piece together the rest... I then turned my attention to professional baseball and my beloved Boston Red Sox. When I decided they had had enough, I decided to pull for the Yankees for a change, and you all saw what happened. Why just a couple of months ago, I was on an NFL message board posting my predictions for the upcoming season. I was predicting that this year was the year Michael Vick would finally silence his critics and the Falcons would get their due. It's almost funny.

Anyway, to get back to hockey, I was a Penguins fan for years (post cup years, of course) and finally decided to switch loyalties to the local boys (Hurricanes) after game one of the finals against Detroit in 2002. Sorry about that. But despite my history, I couldn't help but love the Canes. So I bought a 24 game ticket plan (mid row seats, down low in 124) the next year. With predictable results. We stank. No problema! I bought a 24 game plan the next year (mid row seats, down low in 124) as well. We stank. So I then realized that maybe it was unfair to the Canes to dump all my evil mojo onto them. I decided that I should not jinx just one team and that if I pulled for the entire NHL and just enjoyed all the games, no matter who was playing, I couldn't lose. Of course, this led to the first professional season ever lost to a lockout. Cripes...

So I thought: 'The Hell with it!!!' I like the Canes and this whole jinx thing is silly. So when I went to get my seats, there were two (2) empty seats on the aisle (down low in 124). So I bought them. And the rest is history. The Canes won the cup! Obviously, these are magic seats. I had found a tiny loophole in the delicate fabric of sports mojo. Thus, I was intent on keeping those seats forever. However, fate is a vindictive bitch. I mean a tire slashing, clothes burning, rabbit boiling bitch. You know the type. So, I went to my select a seat and found that some bandwagoner had slipped in and bought the magic seats out from under me.

I was livid.

And, as fate would have it, the only seats available were those mid row seats, down low in 124. So, hoping the curse on hockey was busted, I bought the mid row seats again. Once again, we stank. So I had little optimism going in to buy seats this year.

But low and behold, what should happen? Yep! The magic seats were available. And I snapped them up. This may just be the missing piece of the puzzle to getting another cup. I hate to be too confident in one omen, but you can't argue with history. The Canes have never failed to win the cup when I have had the magic seats. Rejoice Caniacs! We're back on our way...