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Monday, March 3, 2008

We Already Knew Jack Johnson Was A Punk

...but now he's gone and proved it to Ryan Smyth.

"There should've been padding on that post"....blah blah......that goes along really well with "he should've had his head up". The point is, Johnson knew damn well that post was there and he should have let up. He also didn't have to go adding insult to injury by throwing up his elbow at the end of the check.

Yes, hockey is a violent sport and that's part of the draw but, do some of these punks like Johnson and Brooks Orpik have to add to danger?

On the flip side, the Hurricanes are once again shining in the light of a trade, as Tim Gleason has really matured this season. The Rangers game without him in the line-up really showed how big a void he left. When he returned against Tampa, they were shut down after one, and Gleason had a lot to do with that. I guess, despite Caniacs early mumblings during the Canes' mid-season slump, JR might actually be the trade genius we thought he was.