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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Annual State Fair road trip so far

Ah yes, it's that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the air is cooler - and the NC State Fair has come once again to triumph over Raleigh. The Hurricanes have to travel for a season-long road trip every October as the world's biggest state fair is in town. From the outside of NC, this may seem silly.

'Well, they probably won't schedule their hockey games to interfere with the NASCAR race, so why not let the farmers and carnies run them out too?'

Those of us living within the vicinity of the RBC Center can understand why they don't schedule games during this 2 week Fair time. Your drives home are thwarted on the beltways and interstates by out-of-towners not sure which exit to take for the fairgrounds. Co-workers constantly ask you, "So, you make it to the fair yet?".

Well actually, no I haven't. Don't plan to make it. When the State Fair was more about farmers, food and the NC goodness - and less about too many people in one place - I was all about it. Maybe I just can't deal with scattering grounds of these:
Thus endeth the anti-carnie rant. But if there were any Hurricanes games going on during the fair time? Without a premiere parking pass - you may not have a tailgating spot. The NCSU students had to tailgate down the street at the University Club and catch buses to Carter-Finley for the Thursday night FSU game. No thanks.

So in two games out west - the Canes get caught in OT by a suddenly up-and-coming Kings team but slack their way past a sinking Duck squad 3-1. Here's what we know:

Hi-yo! - Leighton is 2-0 with a 1.92 GAA.

Cam Ward ain't been too shabby neither, with solid showings in both the Kings and Red Wings games.

Brandon Sutter is an excellent two-way player who will become even more valuable when he can win a faceoff.

Brindy is all that is man.

Matt Cullen, Eric Staal & Ray Whitney are progressing through this season nicely.

Tuomo Ruutu needs to stay healthy. :(

Coach Lavi doesn't need to be fired. No how no way.

Nic Wallin got tired of people thinking "you'd be on a different team without your no-trade clause" and is suddenly tied for 5th place in defenseman scoring in the entire NHL. He's been an extremely pleasant surprise through 5 games.

The Canes wanted 4, but will take 3 points out of their weekend with a content flight home before heading to the Mellon on Thursday.

Finally, here is what we also know - that YouTube user "alnova1" is a marketing genius while hilariously ripping off the "Is This The Year?" NHL commercials.

Well done, Caniacs.