All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

B Prepared for a Fresh Face

Canes @ Boston B's tonight - Bruins are on a winning streak, they're due for an L. Plus, Wardo pwnts them in his short career history.

Although there is a game tonight, more attention is being paid to Jimmy Boy and his trigger finger. Reports from DeCock this AM state that a "depth forward" could be signed as soon as today to help fill in for J-Willie (out for season; knee) & Matt Cullen (concussion, or is it???).

In addition, the elusive puck minding defenseman that he's been after for the longest time is close to being signed (maybe, sort of, possibly, definitely, perhaps, check back later) and Colorado's J.M. Liles is at the top of the list. Apparently, Jimmy has been reading Hurricanes Insider, who has been encouraging this trade for months now. In any case, it should make for an interesting couple of hours. Want to catch a glimpse for yourself of John-Michael L? Colorado faces Detroit tonight on Versus, 7:30.

"I can move pucks with my eyes, man! "