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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

College football is kicking off the regular season this weekend all over the country. At the very least, we get some decent sports entertainment other than golf, baseball or tennis (or all-Vick-all-the-time).

The one game that I am looking forward to the most is East Carolina U @ Virginia Tech. This is the site of ESPN's College Gameday and it is great exposure for the Pirates to have worldwide eyes on them. Someone else who was looking forward to it was Rob Kass, the projected starter at QB for ECU. He had a liiiiittle too much fun getting his party on last weekend as he was arrested for DUI with a .19 blood alcohol content in Greenville.

You're getting ready to play the biggest game of your life. Everyone is watching because it is VT's 1st major sporting event since the April tragedy. A big WTF? to him. Brett Clay or Patrick Pinkney will get the start in his place and I hope they smoke him out of the water. Granted, the Pirates will probably lose this game, but what a better way to teach him a lesson?

Brian Bailey of

"The start of game week at East Carolina is a time I always look forward to — unless an off the field activity dominates the conversation. East Carolina quarterback Rob Kass’s arrest on a DWI charge from early Saturday morning put a real damper on the excitement surrounding the opener...
It’s hard to believe that any student-athlete would work that hard all spring and summer, and then get into a situation like this one."

On a lighter note - the Queen City Bastard of Southern Fried Football (who will also be in Blacksburg this weekend) had the best quote about it today:

"ECU? I thought their mascot was the Pirate, not Captain Morgan"