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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Free Wesley 3: The Rescue

I want you to try something. Do a Wikipedia search on "Glen Wesley". A decent bio shows up, picture included, on our veteran blueliner.

What threw me off at the bottom is:

See also: "Free Willy 3: The Rescue"

First thought was that some Buffaslug fan somewhere tweeked with the page trying to be funny. But low and behold - the Wikipage for Free Willy 3 informs us that the crew of whaling ship is named after members of 1996 Hartford Whalers! Glen, Kevin Dineen, Geoff Sanderson and Robert Kron each have their last names used! You learn something every day!

Why Free Willy the third though? Couldn't they have done that for the 4 names of fighters in Gladiator? Or any thing better than Free Willy? I suppose any recognition is nice!

This blogger - among others - is looking forward to writing about some real hockey news! 55 days and counting until opening night!

So is Glen.