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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Come On & Get Me, You Make Me Go Beep! Beep! Ape! Shit!

Please forgive me for bashing the work of the lovely Cheri D & 13 Stories. I've seen the group at the Pour House in Downtown Raleigh at least once and she was very nice and fan-friendly. But the Ford commercial featuring the "Beep Beep" song that played at least once during every break in the Hurricanes TV coverage last season - must be put out of its misery. I can't recall how many times the clip would play even twice in a row during a commercial break. I found myself DVRing the games and finding something to do between 7:00-8:00. Then tune in so I could fast forward through the commercials.

That being said - another that must die is the "Silly Little Fairy" Dodge commercial.

Between the two of those - I would catch myself violently awaking in cold sweats after the reoccurring nightmare of replaying those clips in consciousness (or un).

It is almost as if its a marketing ploy by the team. "Buy your Hurricanes season tickets now: You won't have to watch it on TV and be subject to the death rattle of our two commercials." Then again, I can recall hearing Beep Beep on the pre-game warmup speakers at the RBC.

Give us 2:00 minutes of staring at the color bars screen. Give us NHL commercials. Play elevator music. Just don't give us anymore torture this season with our commercial breaks.