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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blue Line Specials and Goalies dejour

Well, so far the big deals of the day include Brian Campbell to San Jose (I guess Buffalo is going to ditch any bit of talent they might have to pay for), Tampa Bay has let Brad Richards head out West to Dallas, and Florida decided they might need an enforcer and pick up Wade Belak to fill that void. The biggest shocker to me was Huet to Washington. I thought they were going to stand behind Oli the Goalie come hell or high water, but I guess not. If he's happy and in the zone, Cristobal Huet could challenge for the number one spot DC.
Hey, at least he won't have to change the color of his pads.....

Edited to add: This just in.....Andrew Ladd to Chicago for Tuomo Ruutu

WufPirate jumps in: Analysis to follow (maybe!) but wait 'til you hear Chuck Kaiton pronounce Tuomo's last name: talk about rolling the Rrrrrrrrrrr's.

What kind of nickname do you give a guy named Tuomo Ruutu? Has this team ever had a player with 3 or more U's in their name? (cbc)