All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gameday Panthers @ Canes on a day made for tailgating!

Hey Joe Corvo & Patrick Eaves...

How was the weather in Ottawa when you left? Oh wait, I know! I'll use the Google and see for myself!

Hmmm, the high today is 12 degrees with a low of 1 degree Fahrenheit.

How pleasant!

Today in beautiful Raleigh, NC? Why it's a sunny, near 60 degree day and it has been fairly pleasant for weeks as the flowers have already begun blooming on the tree in our front yard!
There will be a crowded yet rowdy tailgate party full of Wolfpackers & Caniacs. The NCSU basketball game is at 3:00 and the puck drop tonight is 7:00. We're going to witness some shoddy ice out there, but such is life with two major sports clubs sharing a venue. The Fist of Fury and I will enjoy the day, the grills, the adult beverages, good company and hopefully, a great hockey game.