All Things Hockey In The Carolinas

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brought to you by The Letter "U"

Give them two weeks to practice and prepare or maybe just 12 minutes. One new guy in Patty Eaves finally gets to lace up for the organ-Eye-zashun after a much anticipated arrival.

Tuomo RrrrUUUtu showed up at 6:48 for a 7:00 puck drop after being acquried today, complete with the cavalry of Raleigh's finest escorting him in from busy RDU. The Letter U could be seen handing a bag of sticks off to the Canes training staff 30 seconds after the rest of the team had already taken the ice on the jumbotron.

Gotta say about tonight's game:

-I was all like, "Hey, they can lay the smacketh down on their Southeast breathren but what about the the big fish elsewhere?" after last week's games but anxious to see how this squad would respond tonight against what has arguably been hockey's best team as of late.

- Tim Gleason was hit in a gooner's move by Jersey's Mike Rupp. Dude, not cool. TIMMMAaah could barely hold his own head up as he left the ice. Colin C - phone call tomorrow?

- Tuomo Ruutu came out and leveled Colin White on the next shift invigorating the crowd and setting the tone for a physical game (and an energetic home crowd!)

- I wanna talk to Samson!(ov) brought his A game once again and had the only two Canes goals tonight, both being off rebound chances. Damn, this cat can handle the puck. Slick. How many teams passed on re-entry waivers for Sammy?

- Cam Ward did not / has not resembled any signs of the "Cam Weekes" easy flukie let in the occasional beach ball form that has plagued him in the past. Solid.

- This team is consistently making their games entertaining at home, finally. Wadey Brookbank is part of the reason why its fun to see this team play. He finally won a fight tonight. Awesome.

- Write this down. The Hurricanes D corps was strong tonight. The only goal scored was a freaky deaky deflection off of Hedican. Stout.

Keep on kicking it. U guys rock.